Friday, 27 October 2017

Reasonableness wins the day

Smallest (and Small) went off to school wearing shorts and a cap. His bus was full of woolly hat wearing kids with huge coats on. Our kids are still convinced it's Summer!

Huffle went up to the loft to work and I went to knitting. Today there was ShopKeeperEl, MrsBasement, Frenchie and me. I knitted a chicken (a project I am hoping to do with MissHorse) while SK El undid my sock and re cast off for me (but much better than I did). We had our usual coffee and lots of chat and looked up Christmas signs on Pinterest for MrsBasement to do.

On the way home I popped to the supermarket and picked up some essentials for today and the weekend. Huffle and I had lunch and watched part of 'WhoDoYouThinkYouAre' which was on RubyWax and very interesting so far.

This afternoon I had to go for a walk as we had indulged in a very sweet donut and it was making my tummy make some very weird noises, plus I had a headache (too much sugar, should not have had a can of coke - I gave up drinking all things fizzy, except beer of course, years ago and I do not need to start that silliness again!!!). My walk did help to clear my head and I managed to get my steps done too.

I also popped through the local corn field for some photos

Small was late home as the bus was out on a day trip. He wasn't very happy to have been waiting for over an hour for it to arrive. He had tons of homework and locked himself away in his room until dinner was ready. Smallest came home and we decorated the house and garden with Halloween stuff and he chose this year's costume.

We made dinner and Smallest played on his tablet.

After dinner we all played Wizard and Smallest won AGAIN. He is very tired and achey after his late night practice on Wednesday and his gym session last night. He has his first Winter game tomorrow and we have to get up early to get him there for 8:30am. Small says he is not coming, not only that but he isn't getting up either and asked if I would lock the door on my way out. Cheeky!

Huffle and I watched the last Gardeners World of this year. BOOOOO? We were particularly entertained by the brothers who grew pumpkins (well actually we were sniggering through the whole thing). Bye Monty (did anyone think he was wearing his wife's coat?).


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