Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cheered by a Pig

3am and Small came in to us feeling poorly with a sore throat. Huffle went and got him some medicine and he went back to bed. This morning he was still feeling bad so he had a nice hot bath and watched the Muppets while the rest of us, after breakfast, started painting the loft. When we first opened the paint tin, the colour looked really light, but after it had dried on the walls, it was lovely and creamy. Just like Natural Wicker (it's name). Smallest helped for a while with his small roller.

Until he got bored and went and played on the computer. Small spent his day doing a bit of painting, playing on the computer, lying in front of the TV, going to bed, doing a bit of homework. Poor Small, we considered taking him to the doctors but thought they would just say "how long have you had this?" Ahhh not long - right!

We skyped Moo and she checked out the loft and showed us her new purchases and then chatted to boys.

Mid-morning and we ran out of paint so I popped back to the shop and bought two more tins. The people in the shop were lovely. The lady in there said "I could listen to you talking all day". I said "and I could talk all day". She said we should get together and have tea! The boys (and Huffle played Pictureka).

I came home with choc chip muffins and we ate them and started on the painting again. The boys played on the computer again and Smallest had a bath. Small came downstairs and put the heating on to 23*. it was like a sauna - he said he was cold! The boys made their own lunch while we were still painting. Smallest made a cheese sandwich. It was a cob ripped open, no butter and three big chunks of cheese. Small started crying because his throat hurt and Smallest put a picture of pig he had drawn in font of him. It didn't help, Smallest could not understand how he couldnt be cheered by a pig!

Huffle and I stopped briefly for lunch and then carried on. We spent the next hour or so touching up the bits we had missed, then we packed up everything and went and played with the boys. We started to pay Ticket to Ride but Smallest went back to bed. Smallest, Huffle and I played instead.

Huffle and Smallest went and got us a pizza but Small couldn't eat any and went back to bed after just a couple of spoons of soup. Smallest, Huffle and I ate our pizza and watched a film that was rubbish so we started another just in time for Small to join us. Small was very very sick, we continued with the film and then they went to bed.

Huffle is feeling a bit wibbly in his tummy. Small is feeling sick and has a sore throat and is hot and cold. I still have a headache and a feel a bit coldy. So far Smallest is fine. In fact he is running around with far too much energy!

The loft is looking splendiferous. We love the colour. Not going to look at it again until tomorrow. Hopefully it won't need another coat. Think we might have to take Small to the doctors.




Aunt Pear said...

Get well soon Small. Lots of love. xx

AA said...

Get well soon Small. It must be serious if pig man couldn't cheer you.