Monday, 25 February 2013

Stairs and a Spider

Small came down again in the night, he couldn't sleep. So I made him sit and watch Larkrise to Candleford (now that made him sleepy). Hopefully he won't keep coming down if he realises we watch rubbish. Not that I think Larkrise is rubbish but he does!

Huffle went to work. The boys got up at their normal 7am ish. I got up and the men arrived. Off they disappeared into the loft. I thought they were doing floor and under the stairs today but they didn't. They worked on the stairs. Now I said to them that if I hadn't seen them painstakingly measuring, cutting and putting in each spindle, I'd have thought they'd have brought it in whole and just secured it. When Huffle came home the other day he thought the windows were all made like that. It was only because I'd seen them make them that I knew they were handmade in pieces. I think they are earning their money.

The boys played on the computer, wrote a letter each,

........did some jigsaw, skyped Moo, books, tidied their bedrooms and sorted through their hundreds of books. Small made a huge pile of books he doesn't look at or read anymore and Smallest decided which of them he wanted as well as putting away the ones he doesn't want anymore. While Small was emptying his bookshelf, I noticed the back was falling off and the shelves were lopsided. So I decided to mend them, I pulled them out and they collapsed like a concertina. I dragged all the pieces of wood downstairs to see if I could fix it back together. The men came down and looked at it and advised that the bits needed gluing and clamping and they said they could do that for me, I feel a bit guilty because they have enough to do but they obviously know what they are doing. For now I have taken out all the screws and stuff and piled it in the hall. Everywhere is starting to look and feel all dusty and messy. It is driving me mad because I cant keep on top of it, and its not really worth it because there is more dust and mess the next day. Won't be long now!

The boys both had baths and we had a a Roast Chicken Dinner at lunchtime. We were supposed to have it on Sunday but didn't bother as Small was ill and not really eating. Then we said we would have it this evening but Huffle got taken out to lunch for his birthday at work so we had it for lunch instead and it means Huffle can have Chicken Sandwiches for his tea.

Grandma skyped briefly to check on Small. Honestly, I can't believe how quickly the antibiotics have kicked in. They seemed to work instantly on his first 10ml!

Huffle's secretary sent me some photos of their birthday lunch.

The boys are not very happy that they didn't take us.

Huffle came home and perused the work done today. He is very happy.

Smallest went to Beavers, but he was disappointd because it want on. W obviously didn't read our emails properly.

Smallest making the balloon levitate

We sat and did a bit more jigsaw and played Dino Trumps. The boys went to bed. Small is definitely going to school tomorrow! Smallest made Huffle come and rescue him from a spider who had made a web and he couldn't get through his door. We expected something huge but it was tiny. He said he wasn't scared of the spider, just the web he was making!


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Aunt Pear said...

Love Huffle headpiece, very fetching. Loft looking good, glad Small much better. Taking Grandma, Betty Brownie and CB to see Piaf tonight, looking forward to it.