Friday, 15 February 2013

PA on Planet Earth

Another 3" snow fell last night and the drive was covered. The boys had a later night and were told to stay in bed longer as there was no school today. Small stayed in bed as told but Smallest forgot and got up as usual. Huffle went to work. I had a shower really quickly as I wanted to get it done before MrCash and MrDuck came. They were late anyway. They arrived as we were all tucking into Waffles and Fruit.

This morning consisted of showers, playing in the basement, crochet (me not them), TV, homework, skyping Bomberdill, LizzieDotDot and Moo. Then we had a really quick lunch and drove off to go to the Cinema. We watched 'Escape from Planet Earth'. It only came out today in readiness for Family Day. The cinema was only half full. I don't know why it is but when the Canadians laugh (children and adults), they laugh really loud. The film wasn't THAT funny but everything is so vocal. If something funny happened someone would shout oh yeah, that's good. Maybe I am a bit more reserved. I laugh inwardly unless it is really really funny. Anyway, it was an entertaining film. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again but the boys loved it. Or did they love their bag of sweets they were munching on through the whole film?

It was snowing when we came out. We popped in to the Knitting shop to ask about my sock but the lady said it would be easier to see it so Smallest said we could go there on Friday even though he is not at school (he said as long as I give him my phone to play on, he will be good and quiet!). We came home and I locked myself in my bedroom as they were very silly and noisy. They played together while I had a cup of tea. I had a sneak in the loft. It is looking good. They are back on Monday (Family Day). MrDuck said "back monday because we don't like our families but we do like yours!". Fair enough. We have decided to keep the left over drywall for the basement ceiling, but use it another time (we'll see how well they do on the loft first).

Then it was time for swimming. There weren't many people there today. It was mid way through the lessons so they finished five minutes early to give the parents a report on how the kids are progressing. Small has pretty much finished his Level 7 and 'Legs' his teacher, wants to start him on Level 8. That's very good. Smallest is also progressing well. He needs to work on his stamina so he can stay under the water for longer while swimming and needs to use smaller kicks but she is pleased with his technique. Very good too. What a pair of clever boys I have at the moment. Bucket was back too.

Left - Small swimming happily. Right middle - Smallest and his teacher.

Bottom right - Smallest is jumping off the diving block. His mid air, his head in line with the bunting.

Huffle text me to see if he could get dinner ready. Of course you can!! It was snowing hard when we drove home and then it got blizzardy with patches of fog, the road lines disappeared under the snow, the oncoming lights were blinding, the car in front kept braking. Arrrrggggh - hate it. Friday night driving is horrible! Dinner was almost done by the time we got home. We all ate. The boys watched TV before bed and we played Table Tennis. PAH he beat me again!

We had a phone call confirming we had tickets for Oliver tomorrow afternoon. It is supposed to be really good. The boys are very excited.



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Anonymous said...

The loft is looking great, such a transformation. Yeah, we find the same in the cinema, we always end up sitting near the bloke, going "yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about" when the baddie gets what's coming to him etc. Really bloody annoying!! We laugh out loud if it's really funny, chuckle a bit or whatever, but nothing really noisy.