Wednesday, 13 February 2013

That's my boy

Yesterday was pancake day but because Huffle was in and out without dinner, Small was off to Rock Climbing and Smallest had them at school, I decided to make them another day. I popped round to Mrs Royal earlier today and she said they had Toad in the Hole (which is a different Variation of Pancakes - well batter anyway) so I thought I would try that instead, and then maybe have pancakes for breakfast at the weekend.

Smallest climbing Mrs Royals heap of snow

So, day two of the loft work. The men, a crane and the dry wall all turned up before 8am. The drywall was the wrong size (10ft instead of 8ft) but they accepted it and the crane lifted it to the window on the 2nd floor and MrCash and MrDuck (Smallest's name!) lifted it off the crane and into the house. Now they have too much drywall. Their quandary now is, do they leave it here for when we want to do the basement? Or do they try and get it out of the house and back to the wholesalers for a refund? One problem is, it is VERY heavy and would be hard to get it into the basement from the loft or outside and loaded to their truck!!

Good job

Smallest and I finished watching our Mickey Mouse film and then went out on a Valentines mission. Smallest chose something for Huffle from him and something from Small, also something for me (he insisted). He actually wanted to buy me a pot bear that said I love you - loving the thought there, but it was hideous.

We finally came home, had some lunch, he watched TV and I finished my sleepy sheep. Smallest had a bath while the men were out picking up the floor.

Then we did a multitude of puzzles in his puzzle book and then about six jigsaws. One of the puzzles in his book was a story where you had to fill in the words without reading the rest of the story. It ended up very funny. We did three of these and then another one when Small came home. Once home, he skyped Grandma to read his report to her. He has got all A's and B's and we are very proud of him and pleased. We have promised him something when he can think of what he want. Grandma was very pleased too.

I made Toad in the Hole for dinner but although it tasted nice and everyone liked it, it didn't rise. The boys had jelly for pudding. Hartleys Lime Jelly. Ummm ummm - it sent them as silly as ships though. They flumped in front of the TV till bedtime and Huffle and I played Table Tennis - he won but they were very good games.



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Aunt Pear said...

Well done Small, we are v proud of him. Its great that both boys are doing well at school, due in no small measure to the time and effort you both commit to with them. Look forward to seeing daily progress of dry wall. It snowed here yesterday, rained all night so it's gone but I hear all routes but one into Cosby are flooded but unfortunately one is open so I can get to work!