Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy Birthday Huffle

Last night Smallest had a bad dream. *Lego Men were attacking Grandma*. Smallest was very upset and climbed into bed with us, had a cuddle and a warm and then went back to his bed. We rang Grandma first thing just to check on her. She was fine and no Lego men had attacked her.


Happy Birthday to him

The snow's up to his chin

He had to dig his car out

But it's better than the gym!


it snowed through the night and was very very windy. One of our trees has snapped (juniper). The snow blew onto the windows. Huffle did indeed have to dig himself out of the drive. The school bus was cancelled and Smallest and I had to walk Small to school. We had to walk on the road because the paths were too thick and deep.

The boys waiting to ambush me with their incredibly large snowballs.
It's a long road when you have to walk in the snow and takes a long time when you have to dive off the road everytime a car comes past!
Just over half way there, my neighbour stopped and offered us a lift. I let her take Small to school and Smallest and I walked back slowly. She passed us on the way back and checked we were okay walking. We were, but it was nice of her to ask.
When we got back, the men were outside and Smallest started snowballing them. The snow is very good for snowballs and snowmen.
I had breakfast and Smallest played on the computer. Then we did a World Animal Puzzle, Pirate Game and looked for words with the sounds er, ur, and ir in them for Smallest's homework. We did well. We found Monster, Dinosaur and Chirp (a magazine for kids that Drew gave us). Smallest practised his letter writing and then we started on Huffle's Birthday Cake. Yesterday I bought myself a new Canadian Cake Book. I chose the recipe and followed it precisely.


Smallest said the mixture was yummy. Well he did help to make it! We also made a few small cakes as the recipe was for a three tiered cake and I only had two pans the same size.

By lunchtime, the snow had settled well, so I made lunch for Smallest and he ate it in front of the TV and I went out for an hour and a half (he was supposed to join me) and cleared the drive. I didn't manage it all as it was so wet and heavy. I cleared a path for Mr Cash to get back in and for Huffle to drive in and I cleared a path for MrDuck to get out. My arms and legs were killing me.

The part of the drive I cleared.

When I came in Smallest had forgotten he was supposed to help me. I sat and ate lunch and he decorated some small cakes. He took two up to the men and then went and helped them. He was sweeper upper. The floor was going down well, it looks lovely.

I finished the cake.....

Then I went and fetched Small from school. I left Smallest working with the men, apparantly he was passing them the next floor piece, so if it looks wrong, its his fault.


Workman Smallest

On the way I popped in to see Smallest's friend's mum (she is expecting very soon). Her mum was there and she said she was resting so I didn't bother her, just wanted to check she was okay. We said we would get together in March Break. I walked to school and chatted to the Secretary who said that the school very rarely closes. Small and I started to walk home. He was very slow and said his feet were wet (we later found two holes in his boots - so new boots tomorrow). Once we had crossed all roads, I walked on ahead of him because I felt guilty for leaving Smallest (though he was fine and being looked after). A car stopped (someone from Smallest's class) and asked if we wanted a lift. I asked if they could take Small and I walked. Lots of nice helpful people today.

I passed this lovely snowman

When I got home the men were outside. I think they were waiting for me to come back. They said they had told Smallest to change his pants (trousers) as they were all dusty. When Small arrived they helped him off with his boots and took the inserts out and put them on the heater to dry. Bless them, they really did look after them.

The loft is looking splendid. One third of the floor has been done, one wall of skirting boards done (base boards).

The boys played on the computer when Small finished his homework. I made pizza for dinner. Huffle came home (he had had a terrible day at work). We ate pizza in front of the end of a film we had watched another day and then lit the candles on the cake. Grandma tried to Skype but we couldn't see her, then Aunt Pear skyped and we had a brief chat till Grandad tried to Skype but it was a dodgy signal. We managed to ring Grandma who had gone to bed and speak to Grandad. It was a very confusing few minutes. Huffle chatted to Grandad and then cut his cake and we ate it with a cup of tea. It was lovely. I used a Canadian Recipe and followed it very closely. It was called a Yellow Golden Cake. Yay, she's back. She can bake again. Wahoooooo.

38 or 83?

We finished one film and started to watch Hugo (from the book Hugo Cabret). The boys went to bed (we will have to finish it another time)

Our road was finally ploughed at 7pm. Why so late?

Yesterday and today I had terrible problems with adding photos to my blogs. As usual, the team at Blogsy were amazing. They answered my emails instantly, and then sorted my problem almost instantly. It seems there is a problem with Picasa. Anyway, thank you (Lance) Blogsy again for helping me.


Aunt Pear said...

Loft now looking really good, as did the Snowman and the cakes, welcome back Mary Berry! Hope Huffle had a good birthday evening at home despite rough day at work.

Sarah Tomson said...

That cake looks fantastic! Yippee looks like your cake making skills are back on track look forward to seeing many more baking pictures! Which of course will mean you need to go and buy loads of new baking cookbooks (any excuse!)


butlersabroad said...

Cake looks great, and a very happy birthday to Huffle, hope today is better at work. Snowing again here today, lots of snow showers but no real accumulation, at least it's March tomorrow!


famfa said...

He had a lovely evening helped by skypesvand messages and cake x

famfa said...

Thanks Sarah. Tastes good too. I am going to work through the book so my waistline will be expanding as well as my knowledge - damn x

famfa said...

Thanks. I fear another bad day for huffle as he is going to sort things. Needs to be fine though. Plenty of snow here x