Monday, 11 February 2013

Fallen Igloo

The Princess slept soundly on her extra high bed, no noticeable pea to bother her or the smaller members of her family. However, Huffle didn't sleep well. His tummy was rumbling and a grumbling and I was snoring (who me, the Princess? Never!).

The school bus was cancelled this morning so the boys and I had a quick breakfast, got ready and went out. My car's windscreen was under two foot of snow (I'm not kidding!). We had only dug enough snow to get into the car. Not enough to get to the windscreen so I had to wade through snow way past my knees just to wipe it off the windscreen. There was also a foot of snow on my roof but I left this as I didn't even think about it. However, later on our way back, we stopped at a crossroads and the snow fell from the roof onto the windscreen. I panicked for just a brief few seconds as I wasn't sure I could clear it in time to drive away, but it disappeared quickly. At the Winter Carnival, a car was stopped by a policeman and he said "I've got an idea, why don't you stop round the corner and clear the snow off your screen? Get yourself a brush eh!" I didn't want to be stopped for travelling with an igloo on top of my car!!!!

The school journey wasn't too bad. Just slushy roads but very foggy. We dropped Small off at the 'Peck and Squeal'. Then, because we were out, we decided to carry on to the shop in the local town to get some food. We did our shopping and then went on to the post office. 2 birthday cards, 1 christmas present, some returned gloves and a St Patricks present. We came home. It was really foggy. The shopping was put away. Smallest played on the IPad while I had a coffee and then we did about six different jigsaws together. Once we had eaten our lunch, cleared away, made a Banana Chocolate Loaf and tried it, we made our way to a 'play date' with one of Smallest's friends MissK.

MissK and Smallest played with the train track and the Lego while MissK's Mum and I drank coffee and chatted. At 3:30 we left to fetch small from school.

This was the fort Small had built at school with his friends

He was very pleased we were in the car. When we got home, the boys put in their ski pants and started rebuilding the fallen igloo.

I made a start on dinner and kept an eye on the boys. They seemed to be playing together very nicely. When they came in, they played on the IPads.


Huffle came home - he had had a bad day. Dinner was eaten. The boys watched TV and we played Table tennis.

Work starts tomorrow on the loft. I am hoping there won't be too much to write about, but you know me.....................

Aunty A starts her new job tomorrow. Good Luck, you will be brilliant. X

.....and here is a conundrum for you. One of my readers sent me this photo. This is how their dinner was presented.

Any ideas who it might be?




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Aunt Pear said...

My guess it isn't Grandma or Grandma and it certainly isn't us!