Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Where's Wally's Pants?

Our sleep was interrupted by a noise that made Huffle get up and investigate. We still don't know what it was. It took us ages to get back off to sleep.

Huffle went to work. Both boys went to school, Small took his medicine. Smallest slid on the icy drive till he fell over.

After breakfast I got myself ready and went off shopping in a Mall. My mission for the day was to get Huffle a birthday present. This was supposed to be easy but it wasn't. He wants some sturdy snow boots but he needs to be there to buy them so I just wanted to get something from the boys and a little something from me.

I didn't go in that many shops but I had had enough by lunchtime when I stopped for a bagel and an orange juice. I was disappointed but at least I got a few things. I stopped off to post some letters and get some wrapping paper.

The men were doing a grand job. They had completed the stairs (but for a bit of sanding and filling) .......

.......and were just clearing up before starting on the floor. They said it was like a jigsaw puzzle. Each box had different sizes of wood in it and it had to be put together before putting on the floor. Each piece of wood cannot end six inches before the other one starts. Sounds very complicated. It is all nailed down by the underneath edge so you can't see the nails.

The covers were put on the heaters - it seems we chose exactly the same colour for the walls. I told them it was intentional!!! Also the pot light covers are on now so the lights are directional - which will be helpful when I craft up there. I wrapped Huffle's presents. I dusted and swept the kitchen, living room and hall. I attempted to clean the stairs and landing but it's a waste of time. I did a bit - just enough to stop it being trod through the house.

They left not long after the boys got home and I started shouting - ha, don't blame them! Small did some of his homework and Smallest sorted through some books, then they played on the computer while I made dinner.

Small had a good day at school though he had a couple of tests and got kicked in the nose (accidental). Smallest has found out today that his friend (there were only three boys in the class) is moving to the other class which means he won't see him at all at school. I asked him if it bothered him and he said "No, it's okay, because when we are in Grade 1, I will see him everyday except Saturday and Sunday". Bless, he still has his other friend in that class and MissK. I told him that they were the Kings in there now. He liked that.

Huffle came home, we ate dinner and then Huffle decided to open his presents as tomorrow morning would be difficult to get us all together. He had a couple of shirts, some tee-shirts (yes Moo you did wrap mine!), chocolate, football top, book and an IOU for his boots (I did take some photos of some in the shops!).

In Grandmas package to him there were presents for all. The boys like to have matching underwear (well smallest does anyway and when he asks Small to put on the same ones, he does!). What a pair of Wally's.

Huffle took Small to Cubs. Tonight they were at one of the leaders houses with an outdoor ice rink and sledge slope. They had a great time sledging over jumps, which had to be reduced because they were getting 'too much air'. Huffle said the house was very nice.

Smallest, Huffle and I played Lego Creationery - though we actually just built things and said what they were!

It has just started snowing, we are expecting a fair bit overnight.

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Sarah Tomson said...

Happy birthday Huffle!

The penthouse is looking very posh, not long til it's finished and then loads of cleaning to be done - good luck!

The cub leader sounds great an ice rink and sledge slope!