Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Noise and Dust

Smallest woke us in the night after an 'accident'. I got up and changed his bed. He tried to explain why but I think he was still too sleepy - something to do with his dream! I was sleepy this morning and the boys forgot to wake me. Nevertheless, we managed to get ready in time for the school bus (though that was late too). It was snowing this morning again, and it was really really cold. Bitingly cold, like your fingers will drop off cold!

Small through the window waiting for the bus showing me how cold he was!

I have noticed a difference with the snow here (apart from the vast amounts of it). Back in England, when it snowed, we would trample it all down and the grass would show through where we rolled the balls of snow to make a snowman, and then the garden would quickly become a mess of footsteps, flattened grass and lots of slush. Here, it snows, we trample it and roll the snow (though not often making it to the grass) then the next day it snows again and it covers our tracks, maybe not fully, but enough to make it look neat again. Oh dear, there is my OCDness coming out again. When we go to the seaside I am the same. I like making sandcastles but I like to cover up the holes I make and then give the whole lot a sprinkle of dry sand to make it look nice on the top. What a silly! So there is my observation for the day!

This photo appears a lot, both on Instagram and on here, but it is a different one every time, it's just that it is the view from the landing window.

So, Small went off in the school bus (eventually) and Smallest played on the computer while I had my breakfast. "Come and see this Mummy". "Oh now look at this". " Mummy, see what I am doing!" "How do I get this Mummy?" So not a breakfast in peace then!

The men arrived, disappeared into the loft and then there was a lot of noise. I daren't go up there because I knew they were sanding the walls today. I was told they were going to seal off the loft with plastic but judging by the thick amount of dust in the room below the loft, I wasn't too sure it had been sealed. Every now and then they would appear with white faces. It was still snowing but the white was from the dust. Neither of them wore face masks or glasses. When one of them drank some water from a bottle, they said it was like drinking paste as there was so much dust in their mouths! Can't be good for them! After the noise of the sander, began the noise of the wood cutter and the banging of, well Im not sure what, but we now have two new very sturdy posts at the top of the stairs. I could just see them through the haze of dust!

Tomorrow they paint the walls white (a primer). At that point Huffle and I will be able to decide what colour to paint on top, if the white doesn't look too startling, we will paint it more white. If it needs toning down we will aim for a warmer tone but in a natural colour, like oatmeal. The men told me to get my paint clothes on. PAH, I'm going out for lunch!

Smallest had a bath and because there were workmen in the house, I stayed with him and cleaned the bathroom from top to toe and did a wee bit of crocheting. Then we tidied his bedroom and then swiffed and mopped his floor - sparkling with room to dance! We also changed his bed.

Then we got a puzzle out and while I made lunch he puzzled. We stopped to eat lunch and watch an old favourite film of ours, Robots. This used to be Small's favourite and when he sent his dummy to Santa, he got a Rodney Copperbottom in return. He still has it. Now he is too old for that film but Smallest loves it. I spent the whole film knitting and undoing my sock. I am further back now than when I started at the beginning of the film!!!

Smallest's homework for this week was to find something with 'sh' in it - he thought of mouthwash. Then he had to find as many different types of paper as he could. There was also a request for Styrofoam, shoe boxes and Egg Boxes. Well we filled a bag with paper products. Then we found some huge bits of styrofoam (polystyrene), a big shoe box and realised Smallest would not be able to carry all this on the school bus tomorrow, so we got in the car and delivered it all to his teacher. She was very happy. She suggested 'wash cloth' for the 'sh' word. We told her we call it a flannel. She said "oh flannel" and pointed at Smallest's fleece. She then told me that Fleece was made from recycled plastic bottles. Ummmm interesting. I learnt something from being in Smallest's class for just five minutes, imagine how much he is learning.

We came home, put the kettle on and then had a visit from Smallest's friend and his mum. They stayed for a play and a cup of tea and then she went off to collect her eldest child from school, picked up Smallest and his friend and took them back to her house. I got five minutes peace before Small turned up. He did his homework while I attempted to clear some of the dust. I'm not sure it is worth it but its the only way I can think of keeping on top of it, otherwise it's going to be a mammoth job at the end, besides, everytime we go upstairs, we are walking it all through the house. I had to dust off all my craft books. I have now moved them.

Small finished his homework and we played a couple of games of UNO, then he had a shower. I made a start on dinner and then Smallest arrived home. He had had a good time.

Huffle came home and we all ate dinner. We played a game of Pirate Treasure Lego (a bit like a four way Mastermind), the boys watched TV and Huffle and I played Table Tennis. Boys went to bed and Huffle played on the Computer while I knitted.



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