Saturday, 9 February 2013

That snow sure is deep!

Saturday morning. Normally a time for lazing, crafting, TV watching, football catching up on, Skyping and more lazing. Oh no, not this fine Saturday morning. Up at 7:15, showered and breakfasted by 8am and out of the door to dig the car out of the drive. Small and I cleared the space between the back of the car and the road (yeah thanks snow plough and snow drifts!!) and Smallest and Huffle drove off to Pickering (normally 20 minutes away) for a Beaver Buggy Drive. Meanwhile Small and I played in the garden, took photos, sent videos to friends and assessed the snow situation.

The snow was past our knees. Very deep, don't remember a snow like this ever! Then when Small had played enough he went inside to play while I dug a path from the back door to Huffle's car space and then to the front door. A very small path and not so straight a path, but a path none the less.

Huffle text me to say "arrrrgh I hate this". Not sure whether he meant the roads or the school full of Beavers. I sat and finished my coffee on the porch in the sunshine (don't get me wrong it was still extremely cold) and waited for him to come home, it was the latter (the school full of Beavers). The car park was a nightmare and the place was overrun with little munchkins. We forgot to take Smallest's indoor shoes and everyone but him were in their uniform. Too much to remember! We phoned a lady we knew was there and asked her if she could bring Smallest home. No problem.

Huffle and I went for a walk in the garden. He collapsed in an angely kind of heap (I posted it on Facebook for him - whoops!)

Huffle, Small and I started to clear out the loft. We cleared the Guest half and then started on all the craft stuff. We have done really well. The house upstairs is looking very much like the weeks before we left England for our long journey here. Boxes and stuff everywhere. Thank goodness we have the basement and the loft!

Huffle went back outside and cleared a bit more of the drive behind his car and then built himself an Igloo or a man cave.

Smallest came home from Buggy Racing. Huffle and I were under the misapprehension that the buggies were big enough to ride in. Smallest did tell us in the week, when they were making them at Beavers, that Small wouldn't fit on one because they were too small. We didn't expect them to be this small though....

To put it in perspective, it is about 15 cms long and 10cm high. How they raced these we don't really know. However, he had a really good time. We had lunch and then the boys decided they were off sledging. I didn't want to go as I wanted to rest my legs and feet and knew the climb up the hill many many times would not be good!
Ninja Huffle and the boys ready for the hill

....and these are some of the photos from their two hours. They had a fabulous time apart from when Smallest snowballed Small and then jumped on top of him, of course Small retaliated with a push of Smallest's face into the snow several times. They were in big trouble.

I watched a film and put the washer on. I had a phone call to ask if hot drinks could be made as they were on their way back, the peace was shattered.

Once all the wet things were dried and showers had, we started on dinner. It has been a tiring weekend so far. Feel like I have been up for two days without sleep. We are definitely having a lie-in tomorrow.

Some of my favourite photos of today

Huffle has been scanning all our old photographs (some date very far back). Here is one of me......

Last night we watched Bayou Billionaire. It was awful. We can't watch it again, we have cancelled the recordings. In fact it put us off watching Redneck Vacation (just last night, we'll watch it another night I'm sure!). Instead, we found a YouTube video of 'The King under the Car Park' about Richard III. Definitely worth a watch. It was fascinating. Especially as it is filmed in our home town and we knew where everything was, but it was very interesting, we have to finish the last ten minutes tonight.



Mrs Rumbleskins said...

I love that photo of you. I don't know why all my comments double post, I wonder if this one will too......

Aunt Pear said...

Great photos, love the one of Huffle in his man cave. Boys never grow up do they? We had good evening at M&M's, are booking villa and flights today, but dates we have to go make it expensive, so feeling guilty for everyone else.Cousin Pest car broken, he panicking about repair cost, might make him slow it all down a touch and not do racing gear changes every time!

famfa said...

I love it too. I have noticed your replies double post - looks like it might stopped now - yay