Sunday, 10 February 2013

Two Nil

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (and morning and evening). Huffle and I got a lie-in as promised. We all had breakfast. Huffle watched the football. I jigsawed. The boys played on the computer. Then we all went out to the front garden and carried on making the Man Cave/Igloo.

The snow was still very high but the temperature was warmer and the snow starting to melt in some places. Especially on the drive and paths we had already cleared. We had to get out via the Sun Room doors as the back door had to be blocked again by the heavy urn.

There were lots of icicles everywhere. The snow was very powdery but where we had dug previously it was more solid and brick like. Perfect for building. We all found the 'perfect bricks' for Huffle to use. We had quite a lot of breakage too.

The sky was a a beautiful blue and the sun stayed out all day. It wasn't cold at all and when we stopped for a drink and biscuit break (your biscuits were amazing thank you AA), we skyped Grandma, who happened to be with Grandad, Aunt Pear, Unc Pear and Cousin Pest, from our porch.

Huffle and I managed to clear the drive between my car and his so that I can now get out. We made a few more paths too. The Igloo got taller and taller and we added a side wall. Some of it fell down and then we built it up again.

Huffle put some interesting structures onto it. The boys built a sledge slope and after trying to sledge down it, decided to just jump off it.

Smallest got into a snowballing fight with Huffle and ended up coming off worse - though I'm sure he did to Smallest what Small was told off for doing yesterday!!!!!!

Mid afternoon and we were tired and hungry, so came in and got dry. Smallest went in the bath while Small and I made Pizza. Huffle tidied around us and sorted out Smallest. Once the pizza was ready we all went into the basement and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Pizza was great, film was great and we finished with a delve into the English Chocolate Box. Maltesers, Turkish Delight, Twirl and Milky Way Stars. Yum.

The boys played on the IPad on the big cushion and Huffle and I finished clearing the loft. We needed to move the huge mattress downstairs but had nowhere to put it. I had an idea. It is underneath our own mattress. Our bed is sooooo high now. Huffle thinks he is a King! Oh, talking of Kings, I beat him at Table Tennis. We had two games and I won them both. I am serious too. Here I am celebrating my victory.

Huffle played on the computer. I finished watching a film I saw yesterday. Burlesque. Very Good.

Then we put the kids to bed. I read some of the Hobbit to Small and Smallest read a dinosaur book to Huffle.




Aunt Pear said...

What a fun day, igloo(man cave) looks great. Envy u playing in the snow but not living with it. I up early as Cousin Pest starts temp work on golf course this week, there at 7 and his car broke Saturday, so have had to take him, not happy. Am taking M(2) to eye hosp today as M(1) back in Brussels, so he has to make his way back, could be interesting!

AA said...

Your snow looks amazing! We have a little bit this morning but the skies are grey so it doesn't have the same effect!


famfa said...

Amazing but the bus has been cancelled again - arrrrggggh

famfa said...

It was fun but also nice to come in away from it too. Smallest is already wishing it was summer