Saturday, 16 February 2013


A nice lie-in. A nice easy morning. Apart from the sweeping, swiffing, mopping, vacuuming that went on. The boys got themselves showered and bathed, played on the IPad, played Table Tennis and with Lego and read. Huffle skyped Grandma - she sang us a beautiful rendition of 'gotta pick a pocket or two' which Huffle wants to put on YouTube but I said I wouldn't (so if it does appear on there, you know it wasn't me!). I read and crocheted. Small made a mask and Smallest coloured in.

Small and I made Turkey Meatballs for dinner (lunch) and then mid afternoon we ventured out for a spot of Theatre-going.

We bumped into NoCustard and TeaLady while we were there. The tickets were reserved for us by the Cub Leader so we met him and his family there and also Small's friend and his family. We sat on the second row of the balcony. We had a very eccentric man who sat behind Huffle - well of course he did, that's where all the nutters sit! All the way through he guffawed and sang and clapped loudly. Huffle turned to me at one point and said "can you feel the floor moving?". It was the man behind's jiggling leg!

It was a fairly good performance. Some very interesting accents. It's funny what people think a Londoner should sound like. We heard Birmingham, Irish, South African. There were a couple of really good accents and singing voices.

The boys fidgeted through a lot of it and if it wasn't for the packet of Werther's Fudge (very nice Grandma, we like these!!!) and Jelly Babies, I'm not sure we would have got through it all. It was in a lovely little theatre.

We came home and had some tea, the boys played outside for a while and then came in and ate.

HB skyped and we had a good chat. We were still talking at the boys bedtime so Smallest read her a book.

She got some really good results at uni. The best out of all her friends, so she is very happy.

Tomorrow it is Moo's birthday. Apparently she is having a party, so get on over there. If you email me, I will send you her address. She is buying lots of extravagant food and wines. ENJOY.




Aunt Pear said...

How come you know more than me about HB's results! Glad u enjoyed the Canadian rendition of Oliver, must be better than the West End version we saw with Russ Abboott as Fagin instead of Rowan Atkinson, I stood and booed at the end much to the embarrassment of my friends/family. Ps. Hope your ears have recovered from Grandma's dulcet tones!!

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Much laughter here about the accents! Happy birthday to Moo from all of us.

famfa said...

I assumed the results were from a while ago! I can understand why you would boo too xp