Thursday, 28 February 2013

When the bough breaks

This is our sun room door - the snow is about a quarter of the way up it

It looks like we had about three or four inches of snow last night. The Juniper bush, next to the front door, collapsed under the weight of the snow yesterday and then sometime during the night, a huge part of the tree that sits between us and Otto, fell on top of Huffle's car.

The branch that fell off

Gorgeous snow laden tree

We don't know what damage it has done yet as the car was under so much snow it's hard to see. I helped Huffle move the branch as it was really heavy. He went off to work. Today he is challenging his boss over some issues which made his day horrible and ruined his birthday!

Poor little bird

The boys played on the computer before the bus came and then had a snowball fight outside waiting for the bus. Smallest got stuck under MrCash's car becuase he was being silly. I ended up going out in the snow with my Pj's on. Oh well, I didn't look out of place, everyone does it here!

The men turned up and carried on with the floor. Smallest said "they are doing the floor without me?" They said not to worry, they would save him some for when he got home from school.

I cleared up, put some washing on, had a shower and started painting the kitchen cupboards again. It's been a long time since I painted these and I really should have finished it by now.

I spent all morning and more painting.

Then I cleared up, had lunch, made a pot of tea for the men mid afternoon and finished my sock and my slippers.

5 months - that's how long it took me to make this solitary sock.

I went out for an hour or so and cleared some of the drive. It was even heavier today and very wet. It was hard going. The boys came home and Smallest went instantly up to the loft to do some work, he hadn't forgotten what the men had said. He helped by picking up the small pieces of wood and shouting out the window to Small and I.

Small tried to build a snow fort but ended up helping me. He came in to do his homework.............

.......Smallest showed me his ribbon for reading. I started dinner and Smallest showed me the progress in the loft. The floor is down on one side completely, only the other side of the stairs to do now. The floor is also done at the bottom of the stairs.

Huffle came home. He has sorted things at work and is happier. We all had dinner. I'm not feeling so good, my stomach feels off!

Huffle and I watched our third episode of Mad Men, we like it now (Thanks AA).



Mrs Rumbleskins said...

We love mad men too. Happy Birthday to Huffle from all the Rumbleskins. Xxxx

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

We love mad men too. Happy Birthday to Huffle from all the Rumbleskins. Xxxx

Aunt Pear said...

The snow looks very very deep, hard to imagine here. Glad Huffle sorting work problems. What's pity it ruined his birthday. Love the photo of the snow half way up the window.

Anonymous said...

It was a very heavy snowfall, on Wednesday I kept having to drive round trees that were bent double with the weight of the snow and were blocking the road. Hope Huffle's card isn't damaged. Still, at least it's March today and there's less of winter left for us, Spring is much closer. I remember in March of last year it was 80F and we had destructive tornadoes! Love the finished sock, it looks brilliant!