Thursday, 7 February 2013

Open Wide

Guess where I went (look at the title - no it wasn't a gynaecologist). I have always had a fear of dentist, ever since I was little. NHS after NHS dentist pulled my teeth and filled them with that awful silvery stuff that makes eating tin foil awkward (okay so I don't eat it out of choice but sometimes a bit will be stuck to the Kit Kat for example). Anyway my boys all went off to their day things.


I had breakfast and went off to the new dentist. I wasn't scared because I had already taken the kids there and they seemed really nice. I was a little anxious though because you just never know whether they are going to tell you all your teeth need to be pulled and you will have to be Mrs Gummy for the rest of your life. Actually I didn't think I would need any work as it had only been 18 months since we were last seen and we visited our previous dentist regularly back home. So, on the way there I got stuck behind two separate tractors carrying huge hay bales, then a motorist who did 20km under the limit, passed a police car (so of course I slowed down as I am now a safe and responsible driver) and almost got run off the road by this car.......

I took this photo while we were at the lights and she saw me take it. I just wanted to worry her that's all, after all, she wasn't to know I didn't get a clear look at the number plate.

Back to the story. I got to the dentists late but they were fine. I filled out a magnitude of forms and was called through by M the hygienist. She had just got back from Maternity Leave and she was very caring, gentle and nice. She cleaned my teeth thoroughly. Because I didn't look after my teeth when I was younger, my gums have receded so anything cold is unbearable. She was fantastic though and kept saying sorry and let me have breathers. She decided to stop after the bottom teeth and all my X-rays and let the dentist see me. How come the dentists here are called Dr and in England, Mr? I have to go back next week - Valentines Day - Huffle and I are both there together, ahhh how romantic. The dentist was lovely too. He seemed very pleased when he had finished prodding and scraping and announced "no cavities". Good, thank you.

I came home, skyped Moo. When she was here at Christmas, we did a lot of Christmas shopping. We bought a lot of things for Huffle and decided that some of them could be his birthday presents (Feb). Well I couldn't find the ones I had bought anywhere so I asked Moo if she knew where they would be. The silly Moo (knew there was a reason we called her that!) had wrapped them for herself and left the ones she was going to give him under the bed. Oh well, at least that mystery is sorted.

I had lunch, knitted, watched Bomb Girls, tidied and then started on dinner. Beef Stew and Veggie Stew. While I chopped and peeled, I skyped LizzieDotDot and got to chat with Small's friend Bomberdill. He was telling me about his new Tablet. I showed them the snow and pulled faces at Bernard. Bomberdill read to me from the book we sent Bernard - it was the twelve days of Christmas Canadian Style.

I skyped Grandma and Grandad and they gave me a cookery lesson in how to cut meat for a stew. I propped the IPad up on the window so they could watch the boys get off the school bus and then they chatted to them for a while. I got told off by Grandma for being 'too Canadian'. Last time I skyped her and Madamme Courvoissier, I got a phone call and they said I answered it with a Canadian 'Hi'. Honestly. I do try and say words that Canadians generally will understand but I certainly don't try and speak with the accent, heavens above! I shall have my English Accent forever! However, I have noticed both the boys are saying things in a lilt! Especially at the end of their sentences!

Small did his homework. He had to find five words in his reading book (The Hobbit) that were interesting or he didn't know. Then write the definition and then put them in a sentence. Smallest had to find 50 things of the same thing for 50day - what's that? He chose Lego - I suggested soldiers but he said they were all in a battle so couldn't leave his bedroom - of course they are. He also had to find something with a 'v' at the end of the word or in the middle. He chose Hive but couldn't draw one, then he chose Liver and Small let him take one of his pieces from the Game Guts and Scabs. I looked up what a liver does and told Smallest so he can tell his class. By bedtime though, he had completely forgotten.

Huffle came home and we all ate our stew. He said he thought the pieces of Meat in the stew were far too small. Ahhh really Grandma! The boys have always hated stew but Smallest had the beef one with Huffle and loved it and Small had the veggie one with me but he had gravy on his. I made cheese dumplings which they both liked a lot.

The kids played on the computer and found a new game to play, Huffle and I played Table Tennis (PAH he won!).

Everywhere today, the radio, news etc were going mad about the snow expected to fall this evening and tomorrow. They are forecasting 35 centimetres. Huffle has bought paperwork home in case he decides not to go in. Small is hoping the school will be shut. More likely the bus won't be running and we will have to walk!


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Aunt Pear said...

Your day sounded better than mine, bad day at work. Some people are just not very nice, to put it mildly. Roll on a replacement. Good news though, Gandmas hard work has produced a lovey villa, can't wait. Now for the flights. x