Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love, Reports, Fame & More Snow


Huffle didn't set the alarm for this morning as he was visiting the dentist first thing. We went downstairs and all exchanged Valentines Gifts. The boys gave Huffle an Easter Island face to hang on the barn and a moving bird for the garden. I got a Valentines Sign and an Aero Sheep. Huffle bought me some miniature daffodils and seeds (rosemary and everlasting sweet peas - very thoughtful as we couldn't bring our everlasting ones with us). I bought Huffle a Scruffle to wash his car with and two packets of seeds (borlotti beans and morning glory).

Top Left - mine and Huffle's presents

Top Right - Small's cards and gifts from school

Bottom - Smallest's cards and gifts from school

The boys went off to school with their valentines cards to give out. Smallest nearly missed the bus because he wanted to wear his party shirt but none of them fit him anymore (we either need to get him a new one or give up wearing party shirts!).

I also had a dentist appointment (just to finish off the cleaning they were doing last week as we ran out of time). As I walked in, Huffle was lying in the chair. What a lovely romantic date we had. Huffle didn't hear the "no cavaties" this time as he has a small hole which needs to be filled. He has to go back in March. He went back to work wearing his pink striped shirt (he was told to wear Pink or Red for Valentines day). I was wearing all red today but not because of the day. It was purely coincidental. They make quite a big thing of it here. The receptionist had a red scarf on. It was the Dentists 40th birthday and the hygienist talked about sweets and cakes and what they'd were going to eat to celebrate his birthday and valentines. It was weird talking about sweets to a hygienist!! I went off to a shop and bought some fruit and veg, then went home.

After lunch I tried to make a cake using my Heart shaped Tin. The first cake was a disaster as while it was cooling the middle fell out of it. I quickly stuffed it back in the oven. I had made a couple of cup cakes out of the excess mixture and was going to give them to the workmen but they were disgusting. I made another cake (the idea being that I sandwich them together). This time it was better. I have a feeling it will not taste great which is a shame because I used 6 eggs to create it but I think I need to stop using my beloved British recipes as they just don't work as well. Saying that, my banana bread worked fine.

Aunty A skyped me today to show me her new glasses.....


She is doing well in her new job but wonded if she could stay unemployed as it was less tiring. I told her she HAD to work (purely selfish reasons, I want her to keep visiting) but a quote her Granny said made me laugh "find yourself a rich man with a low sperm count". Ha ha ha, that's funny.

I cleared up the HUGE mess I made in the kitchen and then got changed and did a 45 minute work out on the Eliptical and bike (had to make up for all that mixture I ate!).

I then filled the cake with buttercream and jam and waited for the boys to appear. It started snowing again and was beginnings to settle.

That's the drive covered AGAIN! Hopefully it will not be too much this time. Still no sign of Ducky and Cyril.

Small did his homework, I read the local newspaper and who should I see peering at me form the pages? Small!

The men went home and I sneaked a look............

.........tomorrow they 'mud' it. Apparently we have enough DryWall to finish off the basement. Huffle and I are discussing whether to keep it or not tonight. They have done well.

Grandma skyped Smallest to speak to him about his report. He also has done really well. Mostly between developing well and expected level with one Beyond Expected Level for his reading. Again, we are very pleased. Small has been promised a 5kg box of Wine Gums from Grandad. Smallest also brought his award home for the colouring competition.

Huffle came home and we all had soup and cake. The cake was not up to my normal standard, in fact it was horrendous. Huffle has asked for a Victoria Sandwich for his birthday so I better start practicing, or it's off to Metro for a shop cake.

Huffle and I played many games of Table Tennis - I won't say who won because its all about taking part!! The kids watched TV after we played a couple of games of Pictureka.

8pm and the snow is really settling now. Dread to think what it will be like tomorrow. It's PA day so the boys are at home with me. Another swimming lesson cancelled?









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Aunt Pear said...

Other than the cake sounds a good day. Room looking great, Grandad and Grandma won't recognise their sleeping quarters when you re-open the guest house in them Spring. Floods subsiding here and it gives a decent weekend. A bit of sunshine would b nice.