Monday, 18 February 2013

Family Day

The men turned up just after 8am. Huffle jumped out of bed before then and unlocked the front door so they could get in. They carried on 'mudding' the drywall and were finished before lunchtime.

We had a pancake breakfast and made far too many for us to eat. They were all funny shapes so we made animals today.




Then there was much jigsawing, computering, reading, table tennis and Monopoloy U-Build until it was time for lunch and we stopped for a Beans and Scrambled Eggs on Toast.

Everyone went out into the garden for mess about. We built an igloo. Did a bit of sledging. Walked to the wood at the back of our garden. Had chat with some neighbours. Went on an adventure to look for a new stick (Smallest's broke and he was very upset).

Had a hot drink and biscuit in the snow.

Found a ball. Shovelled!

We had a walk to the train tracks so I could take photos.

It wasn't too cold today but we watched the clouds come over and knew there was more snow on the way. It started to get a bit chillier so after a snowball fight, where Smallest shouted "I'm calling 911" because we bombarded him.

The boys played downstairs with their Lego and then on the IPad. Huffle played on the computer and I finished the jigsaw. FINALLY!

The boys had their tea and then we sat down and watched a film. Gullivers Travels. Quite good.

The boys went to bed and Huffle and I watched TV with a lovely pot of Yorkshire Tea. Back to school and work tomorrow!!




Aunt Pear said...

911? Very Canadian! Are they developing the accent yet?

AA said...

So very impressed that you finished that jigsaw! Can we have an easier one next time please??


famfa said...

It was difficult but I enjoyed doing it as it makes me sit down. Will find an easy one for next time. When's next time? Xx

famfa said...

Well they have to know 911 just in case. No real accents yet but words, phrases and the odd inflection is coming through unfortunately x