Friday, 22 February 2013

How do you drink a cigarette?*

I got up with a headache. Huffle went to work. Small went to school. Smallest and I drove to school and watched some presentations about Bullying that Small's class had done. They were very good. We left there and popped back home very briefly.

Smallest playing on the school field on our way home - his hood and hat makes him look like a pirate or Nelson.

We went to Dollarama to buy some paint rollers and trays and something for Smallest to eat but when we got to the checkout, I realised I hadn't got my purse. So we had to leave the things and carry on to Knitting. Smallest sat and played on the IPad for two hours while I knitted. He said "it's very loud and everyone is talking at the same time, I can't tell who is talking!" Yes exactly!

I had to undo my sock again but this time the knitting lady put me right and set me off again. I am very close to finishing it. Just a few more rows and then I will have to follow a video tutorial that was kindly sent to me.

We came home, had lunch and the men asked Smallest if he wanted to help them. He did! He used a staple gun, helped to cut the wood, carried the wood and picked up all the off cuts. Apparently he was very useful and he earned himself $1.

*While Smallest was upstairs being an apprentice, the men went out for a cigarette break. Smallest said he was getting his coat so he could join them. I said, No, they are going for a cigarette and he asked "how do you drink a cigarette?".

I kept on checking he wasn't getting in the way, and that he hadn't been sawn in two or stapled someone's hand to the wall and I studied the colour charts.

Today the walls have been primed, the stair fronts have been added, the window surrounds have been put on - and both were handmade to measure - they look lovely. Some pieces of wood have been put near the stairs ready for the floor being put down on Monday. Everything has had plastic put over it to protect it from our paint splatterings. I moved everything from under the stairs so that they can drywall to make it finished.

The colour charts made my head hurt even more. I decided on a colour, took it up to the loft, checked it in the daylight and against the wooden windows, changed my mind, picked a different colour, checked against the wood floor, changed my mind. Rang Huffle and he was so very sensible and told me to go with our first choice. So when Small came home, they got their swimming gear together and we went off to the Paint Shop. I got a discount because I mentioned MrDucks name. I ordered what I wanted and tried not to ponder on the colour too much. We chose Natural Wicker.

We popped back into Dollarama and picked up our purchases and went back and paid for our paint. Then headed off to swimming. I spoke to Bucket's mum and asked her what her son's name was. Duncan. I spoke to him and now him and Smallest are friends. Well partly, Bucket (I like that name better) speaks to Smallest and says to him "Good Job" "See you later" "C'mon Smallest", And Smallest just laughs or nods or smiles.

The kids swam well and enjoyed their lessons. Small is swimming past on his back and smiling at me as usual. I think that is Smallest hanging onto the side and Bucket swimming with his teacher.

We came home. The weather was awful as it always is on a friday evening. Huge snow flakes, blizzardy, skiddy roads, no lines, Yukky yuk yuk. So when we got home, why did I then decide to drive 30 mins North to go to the doctors to pick up a prescription? Who knows? It was worse conditions, I was sliding all over the place and the visibility was minimal. I was holding up loads of cars that probably just wanted to get home for the weekend but I just couldn't drive in it. I finally got to the doctors and it was closed. Arrrggghhhhh. So I drove home even slower, worrying I was going to die or a least be in an accident. It was horrible. However, I did get home and I was safe and nothing terrible happened.

Huffle had made our dinner, the kids were playing on the computer. We ate and then played Table tennis. Then when the kids went to bed, we sat and drank tea and watched Elementary. I have now had my headache all day and I still have it now.




Aunt Pear said...

Loft looking great, the men seem really nice. Grandma and Grandad wont know where they are when it all looks so posh with fancy stairs and light to lower level!

famfa said...

Too posh for them?