Thursday, 21 February 2013

Your wish is my command

Last night's sleep was broken by a wind storm bigger than Dorothy's Kansas. It kept making the security light come on which flooded our room with too much light. However, we were both so tired, we soon went back to sleep.

Huffle went to work. It was -15 and very very cold. I had ten minutes to spare before the bus came so I did a 3km run on the Eliptical. The boys went off to school.

I had breakfast, watched a bit of HIMYM and had a chat with the workmen. The other day we were talking about lightbulbs as a couple were dead just below the loft. They went out and bought some. This morning I asked them how we could make the stairs look nicer as the front parts were not a very nice wood. They suggested covering the front with thin wood to make it look like the wood just continued. They went out today and bought some. I said they were my Fairy Godfathers and whatever I asked for they got. I then told them I was looking for a pot of gold. They told me to get in line! Awwww. We discussed paint finishes, wood, the stairs and also behind the stairs. Huffle and I noticed the other day that it didn't look finished. They said they would finish it by using some drywall. Well we just happen to have some, fancy that!

I got myself ready and went out late morning. I stopped by the Thrifty Shop and didn't really see anything. I stopped at the Consignment Shop and bought a Brown Betty Teapot.

I saw the smoked Glass champagne Glasses that Aunty A wanted when she was here. They were in the Red Dot Sale - just $10 for eight. I text her and she thought about it. I wanted to buy them for her but I didn't want her to have a problem getting them home. She bought a lovely delicate tea cup when she was here last time and she managed to get them home in one (well two) pieces. I saw some lovely champagne glasses in there too but we never drink Champagne, shame, they were really delicate and lovely.

I bought a few bits to make a soup for tonight and popped back to get the glasses after all. Then I went to the coffee shop and met up with Nan from the library and we had lunch together. We had a lovely chat and stayed for ages.

I came home and the men were gone. I sneaked a look in the loft. The walls were primed white, another post was in and when they came back they had the stair wood. Tomorrow the floor starts. They have suggested we paint the loft the colour we want at the weekend so that we don't have to worry about spoiling the floor, so Smallest and I have the job of getting paint supplies and colour charts. Mrs Royal (who is an Interior Designer) is coming round tomorrow to look at the loft and advise on colours. Huffle and I had a look online and picked a few. We seem to like the same type of colours and want to keep it fairly neutral up there. I like the white but one of the men said it looked like a hospital and it put me off a bit.

The boys came home. Small's homework is to make a Ven Diagram comparing his home setting with scenes from the book he is reading. (He is reading the Hobbit) I told him to say that we have small neighbours with big hairy feet, but he didn't feel happy with that. He is doing it on his reading book at school which is called sea of trolls. What about the troll who lives across the road, ha ha ha ha. I made the boys a quiche and us a soup. Huffle came home. We ate dinner. The boys watched TV and Huffle and I played Table Tennis. I won the first game. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO. It doesn't matter who won the other two, we don't need to mention that!




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Aunt Pear said...

Unc Pear's gift has arrived. He is considering what garment to sew them onto! He says thanks or at least I think that what he said. x