Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day One Loft Renovations

I got up earlier this morning just in case MrCash turned up early for work. Lucky I did, as he arrived just before 8am. Not long after, his friend arrived. I packed the kids off to school, had my breakfast and then moved my car to the Royals out of the way. Tomorrow the crane and dry wall is arriving early. MrCash decided he would bring his snow blower over to clear our drive as the crane wouldn't have got in. He blew all the snow into Otto's garden next door - hope we are not going to be in trouble for that!

The men went off and brought back an Electrician so they could move a light switch (just so visitors can turn the light off without coming down the stairs again - the things we do for our guests!). I moved the computer desk, which was a feat in itself. I have no idea how we got it in and I have no idea how I got it out, but once I did, I realised I couldn't fit it anywhere else, so I put it back but just moved it to a more convenient place. Then I moved some small shelves, a ton a books and the big shelves. The house is looking like a jumble sale!

At least all workmen take off their shoes at the door and leave their indoor shoes ready to wear. He, he. Four pairs of shoes and three men!!

So, the loft Day One. This is at the beginning before anything has been done. I am planning on showing the progress (see I am being positive. progress!!!).

mrCash walked around the house deciding what he was going to make good or repair in the living room and hall. That's a good sign. The window has been removed and has been taped up and polythened.

So, DayOne finished, men gone home. Two new wall heaters, a new light switch, a siliconed roof bit that was leaking but hopefully isn't anymore. A cleared drive and all electrical sockets checked and electricalled (it's a technical term). I, on the other hand, have made a Lime Jelly, White and Milk Chocolate Banana Bread and a Roasted Garlic Rosemary Butternut Squash Soup and I nearly finished sewing together a Sleepy Sheep (shhhhhh don't want to wake him).

The boys came home, ran up to the loft. Said lots of ooooh and ahhhhs and wows about the window and told me all about their day. Smallest had '50 day' (apparently today is the 50th day of term so far - 50 days he's been there? 50 days altogether? I don't know). Anyway, he made a crown because he is a King.....

And he made a necklace from Strawberry Laces and Fruit Loop Cheerios, and didn't get a "good job" for his 50 pieces of Lego, as he only took in 46! Whoops, Mummy didn't check his counting. Small came in, ate some banana bread, wasn't very nice and didn't listen and ended up by himself in his room. Ahhhh teenager at 9!

They both helped me to finish the soup by blending it, then the three of us played Table Tennis. The kids had their dinner. Huffle came home - another bad day, oh dear! He had a quick tea and then him and Small headed off for Indoor Rock Climbing with the Cubs.


Smallest and I played Guess Who several times and started a Where's Wally (Waldo) puzzle. We started watching a Mickey Mouse film and we decided we will finish the film and the puzzle tomorrow. Smallest showed me how he can count in 2's up to 20. 10's and 5's to 100. I was very impressed. He says he's only just learnt it. I wonder if he is going to be clever at maths like Small and Huffle. I put Smallest to bed, we looked at some puzzles in his book and then I watched some TV and knitted the toe on my sock and waited for the bigger boys to come home.




Anonymous said...

Now that's how you clear a driveway! Looking forward to seeing the progress in the loft, it'll be great when it's a proper room and it's all finished. Of course, the most interesting bit today is the news that the sock is almost finished!!


AA said...

Heat and light on day one! Surely that's job done?
I am also a fan of rock climbing and can actually do it (unlike my snowboarding....)

Excellent progress all round!!