Sunday, 24 February 2013

Everything hurts now!

Small struggled to get to sleep last night and ended up sitting watching Phil Spencer Secret Agent with us. We had an uninterrupted nights sleep. This morning, Small was still not well but didn't feel sick. He talked to Grandma on Skype and got some sympathy. After breakfast I took him to the doctors. Not our doctors, but the walk-in we used to go to.

I thought it would be fairly empty but it was full. We were in there for a few hours. Small had to wear a face mask, as did most of the people in there. If I don't get any virus, disease or something from there, I will be very surprised. Everyone coughing, spluttering, sneezing. A nurse saw us first and checked Small's throat, asked his weight, checked his high temperature and then we sat there for ages listening to very loud women talking about their precious babies who sounded like sea lions! Eventually we saw a lovely lady doctor (with the smallest feet on an adult I've ever seen!) she said he had bad Strep Throat and prescribed him adult dose antibiotics. He also needs to rest a lot and stay off school for 48 hours. I also managed to get my prescription too so that saves me another trip to the docs.

We went next door and picked up our prescriptions and some painkiller for Small and some ice-cream for his poorly throat. When we got home, Small went straight to bed after having his medicine. We had lunch.

It has been snowing in the night and is still snowing now. Huffle and I did some more painting and Smallest played on Huffle's phone.

We worked very hard. I painted the ceiling and Huffle painted the whole of one side.

We stopped for a drinks break and a quick play with the kids and then we started again. We only had a bit of paint left. Huffle started at one end of the wall and I started at the other and we met in the middle. Our arms were aching and our backs hurting. We still had a tiny bit of paint left and one side of a slanted ceiling, so we attacked it. We just finished it using the last of the paint. We need to get some more because we want to do below the stairs (computer room) the same colour and its best if we have some spare for the men to use to touch up bits.

The new window making a lovely picture frame of our barn and garden. (I leaned out too much and knocked the fly screen off onto the roof - whoops.

It was snowing really hard but it's hard to see on here.

The view through the other side - oh dear we really need to mend that screen!

We cleaned up - ourselves and the paintbrushes and played Carcasonne with the boys. Small was feeling a bit better and looked a little brighter. The antibiotics were kicking in quick. Plus he had a small bite to eat.

The boys and I did a bit of our jigsaw while Huffle got us some soup for dinner. We ate and then the boys watched TV while Huffle beat me at Table Tennis. My arms don't work properly now! The boys and Huffle played on the computer and I watched TV. Both are in bed now. Hopefully Small will feel better after a good nights sleep. I have them both at home tomorrow. Huffle's birthday is Wednesday and I was planning on going out on Tuesday to buy his presents. Can't now, as Small will be home! Oh oh!

Cog's mum just rang to see if Small wanted to go round for a birthday lunch tomorrow. What a shame. Cubs are going ice skating and fort building on Tuesday - I wonder if he will be better by then?



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