Sunday, 17 February 2013

Frozen Fish & Chips

Brrrrrr. Today was cold. Very cold. -15 with a windchill of -21.

Ice patterns on the bathroom window

We had an easy morning. It started with us Skyping Moo, singing Happy Birthday and watching while she opened her cards and presents.

Jigsaw and cake in one present.

And who wouldn't be happy with some Holiday Spice Hot Chocolate?

We jigsawed, computered, played, breakfasted, played Pictureka, did some homework, drew and coloured.

Then we drove to Whitby for a Fish and Chip Lunch and a quick trip to Michaels (Craft Shop).

While we were in the chip shop, a man walked in carrying my Glove that I had dropped. Then a man at another table said "did you drop another glove because there is one out there". It was too cold to fetch it so we left it thinking we would pick it up on the way out. Five minutes later, another man walked in holding it - (it was Smallest's this time). "Yes that's ours, thank you very much".

On the way home, the boys were overly silly so we got them kitted out in their snow stuff and sent them out to play. Huffle skyped Grandad and got to speak to Grandma and Madamme Courvoissier too. I went out and cleared some of the drive, took some photos of the garden and view.................

....and played with Smallest

The boys went in because it was too cold. Huffle came out and helped clear the drive. Then I went in because it was too cold. Huffle followed shortly after he had walked around the garden.

We all got warm, played a couple of games of Lego Robot and then watched a film and had tea. Smallest had the start of a tantrum - wow not seen one of those for a while. He calmed himself down and the boys went to bed. Smallest read to Huffle - a whole Mr Men book - he read beautifully. I read Harry Potter to Small and then Huffle and I watched Redneck Vacation - very funny. They ate Raccoon, Gator and wanted the wedding planner to find them Squirrel for the wedding dinner.

Last night Huffle and I watched 'Water for Elephants'. It was really good. If it wasn't so cold, we could have an Elephant as a pet. Huffle would love that! Well he won't let us have a dog!


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Aunt Pear said...

The brightness of the colours in the photos is beautiful, you really should try and do something about photography. -21! Chilly!!! Quite mild here at mo but hear its turning cold again by weekend possibly more snow but no doubt a poor show compared to yours. x