Tuesday, 19 February 2013


At the weekend Huffle and I swept, swiffed and mopped the whole of the downstairs. The floors shone beautifully. Today the workmen decided to bring the spare drywall from the loft down three flights of stairs and into the basement. PANTS! Now I have to start again.

The boys were ready for school and I made them stand on the porch instead of at the roadside, as it was pouring with rain (at least the snow didn't come!). It was past the time when it is normal there so I checked the website (I had done it earlier but it said nothing). Suddenly it was reporting it was 35 mins late! So I took them in the car to the Peck and Squeal. It was still raining heavily.

Once home I had breakfast and then cleared away, dishwashed etc and then did a 40 minute workout on the elliptical and bike. I worked really hard. Had a shower, cleared a path through the basement for the drywall procession and then went and did a food shop.

Came home, put the shopping away, cleared out and cleaned the fridge. Cleared out and organised the front cupboard, tidied up the Sun Room and then flopped exhausted in a pile and waited for the boys to come home. I made Rice Pudding, baked a RooPoo Pie (Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie), made Beef Cottage Pie and a Veggie Cottage Pie. I am all pied out!

The boys did some homework, played together nicely and when Huffle came home, we all ate.

Today's work in the loft consisted of more Mud, moving the spare drywall into the basement, throwing the end bits of drywall out of the window and onto the van. Buying base boards (skirting boards) and spindles and banisters etc and window surrounds. Tomorrow they are sanding the walls so the loft will be encased in plastic. I went up to have a look and they have bought us a recessed light cover to see if that's the end we want. Also two of the bulbs in the light fitting below the loft are dead and I noticed they bought a pack of those as well. I know we have to pay for them, but it's very thoughtful.

Small went to Cubs and learnt all about First Aid. I took him and brought him back. It has been snowing for many hours now and is settling well. The temperature was about -3 all day but mostly we had rain.

This is a game they were playing at the end.


Forgot to say Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Everett for yesterday. Xx


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Anonymous said...

Oh I do love a good shepherds pie, veggie or meat! I made a large one when Andrew was in England and it took me 7 days to eat it!! I cured my craving for it for a while anyway!! Love how the loft is coming on, it'll be great to craft in there when it's all finished, it'll be totally transformed. Just a few flurries for us but it -9 and very windy, feels absolutely bitter.