Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Valentines, Bath Mats and Crumpets

Another cold day. -9. More snow but not enough to have to clear the drive. I'm sure we had much more snow last year but maybe it wasn't this cold.

Huffle and Small went to work/school.

Smallest and I played, puzzled....

.......watched TV, he had a bath while I sat and crocheted. We wrote letters and valentines (they have to send a valentine to each member of the class in JK and SK, luckily Small only has to send them to the people he likes. Also it is really easy to buy very cheap small cards for such occasions). I also bought him a new bow and arrow as his bow broke on the carnival float. It was only a Dollarama one but it's quite good (Small wanted to know where his was!). We played archery at the targets we got with it.

We went out mid morning to purchase such Valentines, bath mats, crumpets (every morning this week Smallest has asked for a crumpet, normally when I buy them I end up eating them because they get left - shame!).

Smallest and I made fish cakes for dinner.

He made the breadcrumbs and put Garlic, sesame and poppy seeds into it. He thought it was hilarious, I don't know why.

They were yummy. We made chips/wedges with potato and sweet potato and I did peas (the boys hate peas, so Smallest asked for Brocolli and Small asked for Carrots - very rare indeed that they ever ask for a vegetable).

Small came home, did his homework and the boys played on the Wii. I finished off dinner, crocheted and watched more 'How I met your Mother'.

Huffle came home and we all ate dinner. We all played a couple of games of 'Sorry Revenge' and then Small had a shower while we played 'Pictureka' about four times. Huffle and I played Table Tennis (I nearly won!) while the boys watched TV before bed. Then BEDTIME. Smallest read the 'Lazy Ladybird' to Huffle and I read Harry Potter to Small - nearly finished. Nearly time to watch film no3.




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Aunt Pear said...

You recently seem to have got a nice rythmn to your days, and made friends along the way. Grandma and I meet every evening to search for a villa in Carveiro, fingers xd we have finally got one, we have drank wine along the way. Quite therapeutic after work, saves me sticking pins in the corn dolly. Ask Huffle about his memories of Portugal hols when he was a "Small" especially his strops. So funny.