Friday, 28 August 2015

Smelly returns

Our morning consisted of washing the bedding, hanging it on the line, watching TV, reading and I did a small shop where I had an argument with a lady who disagreed with the way I queued up. Honestly, doesn't she know the English invented queuing up! Then on my way home I had to put up with Canadian driving which drives me insane (until I realised that one of the people I was driving behind was actually British and then I felt really let down).

While I was eating lunch I heard the boys watching their 'brain' program and a question was asked "choose the lady you find most attractive" to which they answered "they are all ugly!". Funny!

This afternoon we met up with the Suffolk's and the kids swam in the indoor pool and Suffolk and I drank tea and watched. Only one small incident today where a person dived on top of Smallest and hurt his eye. I took him to the office but they couldn't do anything as it was his eyelid that hurt so he went back in the water and he was fine.

Everyone helped with dinner and we all played Catan later.

I am pleased to announce the finding of Smelly. Apparently he had hidden himself away in Smallest's shorts drawer and had 'made himself a laboratory where he made smelly Fabreze' (Smallest's words!?!?). It has since been decided that Cousin Smelly will be 'loved until his fur falls off and made as smelly as Smelly' just in case Smelly should go off 'lab'ing' again! Right, now we know!



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