Saturday, 29 August 2015

Pardon my Reach*

Last night I dreamed that I tried to take the boys to the moon and another dream where we were in Harry Potter. I woke up during the night to very loud chickens next door. I thought they were being eaten alive!!!

This morning (we didn't get up until 9am eeeekkk), after breakfast, we decided to go into Toronto for an impromptu day out. We left the house around 10:30am and didn't get home until last 8pm. Once we had travelled into the city and parked, we walked up to St Lawrence Market and picked up a few pastries for later and then settled on a burger for lunch. A nice relaxing sit down lunch with not too many people.

Then we walked to the harbour and the ferry. We didn't have to wait too long and we chose to go across to Wards Island and walk to Centre Island. Wards Island has all the houses and Huffle hasn't seen them before. Instead of walking along the main path and trying to avoid the many bikes, we walked along the boardwalk right by the lake. It was a long walk and Smallest was struggling with his little legs. The weather was a perfect temperature though, not too hot and not too cool.

We sat in the shade of the trees in the main gardens and admired the lovely planting and many butterflies and then took Huffle to the Maze.

On the way to the beach, we happened upon Franklins Children's Garden which as far as I'm concerned is a brand new garden. It was beautiful and very peaceful despite the huge amount of people on the Islands. The sculpture work and planting was spectacular.

We climbed the Pollination Hill and went in search of the turtle pond. We are not sure if we found it or not but we didn't spy any turtles.

There was a lovely little amphitheatre where story time was held. We took it in turns to tell stories but when it was my turn (and a family turned up to listen thinking it was real) I got pine cones thrown at me from my horrible family (Huffle edit - to be fair that was the warning if the story got boring, and smallest did hold off for longer than I thought he would)

There was a small garden with vegetables in and crafts for the kids which was lovely and various Franklin books you could read in their gardens.

Finally we got to the beach and despite the fact that Smallest wore trainers today and promised he would definitely not go in the water, both boys waded in up to the bottom of their shorts. I paddled a bit to get my feet cool as my feet were weary and then Huffle and I flopped on our blanket and watched the boys play. They decided they were going to bury my feet and make me new ones and it became a competition. Small made me a right dinosaur claw which was very good and Smallest got bored and uncovered me. It was very relaxing on the beach, plenty of people but not too close to us (apart from a family that stood right behind us, Huffle offered them a seat and some water but we don't think they understood or heard us).

After the beach we walked slowly back to the ferry which just happened to be boarding. A short walk along the harbour and we came to our favourite ice cream shop. Because we had missed out on a whole meal today (Small was not impressed) we decided to have one sitting on a harbour bench watching the world and their hand held dogs go by. (Huffle edit - grown men too, well I say men, clearly not real ones)

We think the men in weird suits were part of a Stag Do and we spotted Bobby Ball on the ferry.

We walked along the harbour towards the car park and came home.

A lovely day. Once the kids were in bed Huffle and I soaked our feet in Epsom Salts in front of the TV with a cup of tea. We still know how to rock on a Saturday night!


*our waiter for lunch leaned across to put a pot of mayonnaise down and said "oh pardon my reach". It was all Huffle and I could do not to laugh. It sounded very funny (to us).


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