Sunday, 23 August 2015

Do they have big squash in Sicily?

While the boys played on their tablets, Huffle and I went into the garden. He mowed and I tackled the vegetable patch. After watching Monty on Gardeners World, I decided to get the tomatoes in order. I had brought home some tomato seedlings from work earlier in the year and wasn't sure what type they were (bearing in mind Smallest is the only tomato eater in our house, normally, not counting visitors or guests) so just planted them. They appear to be humongous plants with pear shaped fruits. The least I can do is make a tomato sauce and soup with them. They were in a huge tangle having grown crazily while we were on holiday and I started by taking away the parts where no fruits were and working my way down the plants. They are looking a bit bare now but at least the sun can ripen the tomatoes. There is plenty of fruit on there. The boys came out to help and raked the grass, empitied the wheelbarrow and harvested for us. We found the biggest Sicillian Zuccini, a handful of carrots, loads of spring onions (which are so big we should rename them Winter Onions), and a couple of beans. The beds are so much clearer, we can actually see what is in them.

After a bit more tidying and weeding, we went in for lunch. We had all the leftovers on the fridge, which was an 'interesting' meal but satisfying. Everyone then went in the pool. Today it was green but clear. It tested perfectly but we cleaned it anyway and had a good swim and play.

Huffle Facetimed Grandma and Grandad and we had a visit from ExerciseNic and her girls. They had brought us some eggs from the chickens they were looking after and we also got two aubergines. We gave her some carrots which they had for their dinner and they said they were yummy.

What a lovely blue sky

After showers, we took Smallest to his football practice and the rest of us went to Huffle's 'Coach Appreciation Evening'. As soon as we entered there was a lot of people standing around looking lost. They were serving hot food (not right then but a bit later) with cake and fruit and the kids were allowed to play on the indoor pitches. We got a bit of food and then watched while Small attempted to play. There were too many kids playing and the older ones took over quite a bit. We knew there were awards being given out but when it got to 7pm and nothing had really happened, we decided to leave and collect Smallest instead. Small had had enough anyway. I am so proud of how he can just enter a room by himself, stick his boots on and just play. He has no qualms about whether he knows anyone and is certainly not shy. We talked about him having a pocket full of stickers that he could use when he tackles people. One tackle from him and a Sticker on their shirt saying YOU HAVE BEEN TACKLED BY SMALL, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Smallest was still practising so Small and I walked around the football pitches and onto the cricket pitch and pretended to play cricket on the fake wicket which was a coir mat pegged down with tent pegs. NICE! They had a really small boundary too. Smallest received his 'England Cap' for his games on Saturday and a promise that they would be practising again on Tuesday. The coach told Huffle that he wanted to give Smallest a replica football shirt for his hard work (shhhh we haven't told him yet) and asked him which one he would prefer. The choices were Arsenal (spit), Toronto FC (who?) or AC Milan. I wonder if you can guess which one he chose?



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