Sunday, 30 August 2015

So fresh they still had straw on them

Another dream last night where I won £5 (yes it appears I dream in English not Canadian) at a golf club. We also had a lodger who seemed to be sleeping in the same room as the boys and wasn't impressed by their noise so I suggested she sleep in the loft in future. I was taking a college course in sewing and I had a girl who came round to help me with my coursework though I kept forgetting she was there and went out about my business leaving her at home. Home was a terraced house too (in England??).

Huffle and I slept in again until 9:30am!!!! We had a very late breakfast of pancakes with organic freshly collected eggs via ExerciseNic (very nice). Everyone helped to get breakfast ready, Sous Chef Smallest who mixed the ingredients and checked the 'doneness' with his spatula, Huffle and Small prepared the table and the fruit and then we all ate.

Believe it or not this was a Hummingbird hovering over my head.

The boys showered and watched the football with Huffle (Stoke lost) while I sat upstairs and read my book. Midday we all went outside and did some gardening and the boys had a water fight with water balloons, buckets and the hose. Apparently they were throwing water down the slide, sliding down and into a slidey bit of grass at the bottom of the slide. To be fair they did clear up after themselves and after drying off they rewarded themselves by playing on the Wii.

We all had an ice cream (once again we appear to have skipped a meal - Small is getting worried that if we skip a meal tomorrow we will have lost a whole days meals - poor boy, he may just fade away). Huffle FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad and I mowed the grass at the side garden with the old push along mower - very hard work and Extremely good exercise (well I do need it despite the lack of meals lately). Huffle made dinner before he and Small took Smallest off to his football practice. I stayed at home, chilled, listened to music, knitted and read.



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