Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Squashed Boys

I had a terrible nights sleep last night. I had restless legs (which is THE most annoying thing in the world when you are trying to sleep), I was too hot (we shut the windows because it was really windy and the blinds were clanging), and I had toothache (no toothache before I went to the dentist and they uncovered a cavity - I told Moo that the hole most probably had bread stuffed in it so it wasn't a problem). When I HAD to get up this morning for work, I was extremely tired and felt just a little bit 'off'.

The boys came with me today and we started by checking out their Squash Garden. Wow, it has grown and there are lots of little squash's of various size and colour forming. I think the boys were impressed.

Our instructions today were to pull out all the Scabious from the Rock Garden - it was full of it. We worked tirelessly at it for over an hour and finally we could see a huge difference. They boys emptied many wheelbarrows full and while we were waiting for our coffee, we meandered through the veggie garden to see what was harvestable.

With coffee we had a delicious Peach Cake with a Streusel topping again. Then we picked veg, watered and did some general weeding and tidying. We picked cucumber, beans, tomatoes, kale, courgette and marrow. MrsM comes back tomorrow so we left a few things for her.

Back home we had lunch (the boys in front of the TV making the most of their time before they go back to school) and Huffle and I on the porch in the cool. It has been a much cooler day today though when the sun did come out, it was still hot!

I spent an hour doing some serious weeding on the side garden and the kids emptied the dishwasher and tidied the Sun Room before going on their tablets and then playing 'Battles' in Smallest's room. I made a Carrot and Tomato soup with Garlic Croutons and roasted Pumpkin Seeds. I forgot to mention yesterday that when I sent Smallest to harvest carrots in our garden, I told him to chop the green bits off and put them in the compost bin. I should have been clearer in my instructions. He chopped the green off the carrots before he dug them up and then pulled them out of the ground. He didn't pull them all, there is still a substantial amount in the ground with no carrot tops. Poor carrots. I wondered why he was so long. I also didn't tell him how many I wanted, I just thought he would bring a handful. Silly Mummy.

Smallest went off to his football practice with Huffle wearing his big bear fleece - really cool evening. Feels like autumn. Small and I stayed at home and played two games of Catan. We won one each.


These are from the festival on Saturday




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