Wednesday, 26 August 2015

School of gingerbread

A better nights sleep (though I was worried about my impending dentist visit so it took a while to get to sleep initially) and a not too early rise. I sat and watched The School of Rock with the boys. I had forgotten what a good film that was. Smallest asked if I would buy him a guitar so he could smash it up! After breakfast, the boys and I cycled to the tennis courts and had a few games.

It was quite hot at times but there was a nice breeze. We stayed until lunchtime and then cycled home.

They were inspired by SCHOOL OF ROCK

This afternoon I left the boys dusting and tidying the Living Room, Huffle worked and I went to the dentist. Here in Canada they freeze your mouth with a disgusting tasting (supposed to be some kind of fruit flavour) thing and then you don't feel the injection (which is good for me because I normally have to have so much of it). I was almost upside down because I had to have my very back tooth filled. I think he almost had his whole arm in there! He was all done on half an hour without any trouble and I drove home.

The boys were playing on their tablets after their chores and I sat and had a cup of tea with Huffle, a FaceTime with Grandma and Grandad and then I made a start on dinner.

The kids helped me again. Smallest made a cheese sauce from scratch and poured it over the cauliflower and Small made gingerbread for later and the rest of the week. I had to help a bit but they did really well and said they enjoyed it. I rolled out their dough and they cut out lots of shapes which we baked after dinner.

Huffle did lots a of tidying up of edges in the garden and cleared the weeds off the patio. Looking good. After dinner Smallest played in the garden and the rest of us played Catan.


Some photos of Coach Huffle's team


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