Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tight as a ducks ar5e

Yesterday when Small was in his room doing his homework, he heard a weather report on the radio. He came running down the stairs and shouted "Mummy, there's just been a warning and there is going to be a huge........." At this point he looked outside and pointed to the blizzard that was happening and said "that, that is happening". Today we had another weather warning stating that we were going to get a blizzard, a snow storm resulting in 15cm and very high winds, plus they were urging people not to go out during the storm. We didn't actually get any storm until about 7pm and then it properly came down. Luckily, Huffle had warnedSmallest's coach that we might not venture out and then we got an email saying that the 'town' had closed the football club completely. Small heard this as 'the whole town had closed down' Funny!

MrBasement and Jim came this morning at just after 8am right in the middle of me getting the kids lunches, so they helped a little. They began their jobs by measuring for the tiles and working out where they were starting and how much of the tiles they needed to cut. I saw the boys off on the school bus and then got ready to go off to work myself.

Huffle worked in the bunker. Today Huffle got very annoyed because he had his Performance Review in which he learnt he had done well, achieved targets and had a good year. Imagine his surprise then when he was then told he was on a pay freeze (no increase this year) and a reduced bonus. Oh boy, he was mad! I got him to come out for a walk and leave his work phone behind. It was really cold and the wind was biting (-9 with a windchill of -17 but a northerly wind). We walked for about 45 minutes in the Hamlet and then came home to watch the end of the Leicester City game. He did carry on working reluctantly. Then he got a message to say he needed to take a call at 8am tomorrow morning. The cheek!

At work, we were in the greenhouse where it was lovely and warm. We repotted seedlings of Gallardia, Agastache and then some Albuca bulbs. We had coffee with MrsM with a lovely bake by Jan of Coconut Squares. Ooh I have missed getting my hands dirty and eating Jan's lovely bakes. It was very nice to be back. Next week the temperatures are supposed to be around +15 so we might even get into the garden to do some cutting back. On the negative side, we might not be going to the Royal York Rooftop garden anymore. MrsM has a meeting there soon and she thinks it's going to be stopped (plus she doesn't want to do it anymore). She did give me four tickets for Canada Blooms though for us all as a family to go. Nice.

When I got back around 1pm, a considerable amount of the tiling had been done and looked fabulous. It looks like a mini subway, all we need now is a mini subway sign. I think it was tricky and poor Jim had to cut all the tiles outside with a wet tile cutter. He kept coming in to thaw out his water as it was turning into ice. MrBasement had a sore neck by the end of the day because he was stooping and craning his neck to get under the cupboards. Today I taught them 'pinch punch first day of the month' as they have never heard of it. I asked what they said here instead and they said "hey it's the 1st of the month eh". Ummm catchy! They did try out their newly learned pinch punch on the boys though.

While I was working the Granite man came. Huffle was in the middle of a call and pointed at what was wrong and MrBasement made sure they fixed everything but also told him all about the men who tried to use granite that was warped due to it sitting on a trailer for a whole morning in -41*.

I Facetimed Moo this afternoon after my lunch (which I ate sitting on my bed as the kitchen smelled of tile adhesive and granite epoxy) plus everyone else had eaten. We had a good chat and MrBasement told her no-one made him a cuppa now she wasn't here.

We had a snow shower just as the boys came home, big huge slow falling snow flakes but it didn't continue until the 7pm storm. Smallest moved all the games in the basement ready for some dry wall to go in under the stairs (off my list of things to do for MrB and J) and Small did his homework, with a bit of help from Huffle. He had to make a ticket (in French) and they used a watermark, a barcode and a slogan. It was very impressive. Smallest and Huffle played on the Wii while Small finished his homework and I knitted and watched The Great Interior Design Challenge.





Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Kitchen looks great! I love those subway tiles. We are giggling over their poor attempts at 1st of the month, eh. Xx

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Kitchen looks great! I love those subway tiles. We are giggling over their poor attempts at 1st of the month, eh. Xx

famfa said...

Thanks, it's all coming together now.
Yes they are funny. We like to teach them our sayings, it makes us laugh xx