Monday, 29 February 2016

Kitchen Enhancements

Up and ready early this morning due to MrBasement and Jim being here to finish the kitchen. They did a a lovely job on the kicker boards and managed to cross a few things off my never ending list. Our floor is very uneven (well the whole house is really) and so the kicker boards seem to create an optical illusion in some areas where the floor is lower one end than the other. Because Huffle painted it black, it merely looks like a shadow and I really like it. Smallest uses the kitchen to kick his small red soft ball around and has been consequently losing it under the cupboards. Not now, he has a perfect area to kick now (but not today as the boards were touched up and are still slightly wet). Smallest was also happy that they managed to retrieve his ball from the back of the kitchen before they put the boards in. The two men came at 8am ish and left at 3:45pm. Tomorrow they will start the tiles. Also tomorrow the granite people are here to fix some chips.

Kicker boards and a cover panel on the side

The weather today was cold, sunny, very windy and the wind was biting at times. The snow had completely melted again (though we had more tonight and due more tomorrow). The boys went to school in their trainers!

I did a food shop this morning and a post office visit. Washing was done and I spent a lot of time moving things in the kitchen in order for the men to get to where they needed to. I moved all the crockery off the dresser too and the books off the top. They took away the skirting and the rail at the back so the dresser can now sit against the wall which looks much better. In all the moving of things today, we broke two eggs, and picking up a broken egg off the floor is not a very easy task!

For our lunch, Huffle sat in his bunker and I sat in our bedroom. We didn't want to bother the workers. This afternoon I went for an hours walk in the Hamlet by myself just to get my steps done.

The boys came home, homework was started, piano lessons done. Smallest had his dinner before piano. Huffle and I had ours during piano and Small had his after. Smallest and I went to football practice and Huffle and Small went to The Escape Rooms with Scouts.

I chatted for most of the night with Seymour and we had a laugh. My here was a chat going on between the coaches and the Dad that complained and it got a bit heated but I'm not sure what the outcome was. Smallest worked very hard and played well. Small had a good time with the Scouts and the only bad thing as that he had to be in a room with Alan Fartridge. Huffle got to sit outside for an hour te ting me silly things!


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