Friday, 7 October 2016

103 bulbs and Grandads Green Pet

It was PA day today (I wanted it to be Parents Appreciation Day but it wasn't and no-one wanted to appreciate me) and after a pancake breakfast where Grandad and Small prepared fruit, Huffle got ingredients and cleared up and Smallest and I made the pancakes. They were very light and delicious.

The boys played on their tablets and the Wii while Grandad and I planted 103 bulbs including daffodil, tulip, camassia, alliums, hyacinthoids and Huffle dug up compost from compost corner and added it to the new veggie beds. We worked hard again in the hot sunshine and came in to get clean and have lunch.

Our rare dahlia finally flowered
.....Nd this is where the line props shall live

After lunch Grandad secured the raspberries and I sat on the porch. Huffle and Smallest played on the Wii and Small watched the baseball. There has been much washing, drying, pegging out of washing, plus sorting, unpegging etc and the dishwasher has been filled and emptied so many times!!!!!!!!!

....and I tied them in here, here and here!
Huzzah, he found the missing glove and lined them up very nicely

This evening I made a beetroot soup with the aid of my peeler and seasoner, Grandad and Small stirred the soup for me while Huffle and I went out for bread products. While we were out we decided on a plan for tomorrow as we are going into Toronto to the theatre,

After dinner (the soup was yummy and so full of vitamins) we all watched An Extra Slice and Gardeners World.



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