Thursday, 13 October 2016

Grandad goes Ape in the woods

Huffle took a rare morning off today and took Grandad to the local golf course to try out his new exclusive blades (I've been told this is golf-speak, Grandad DID not go ice skating). They sampled the golf course in its fullest, its Autumnal picturesque peak. The full range of hazards on the course were tried and tested. The course was very up and down and a golf buggy was needed. There were many ponds found by the balls and Grandad was seen to be fishing by the side of one. His catch was not good enough for dinnner, though between the pair of them they found enough balls to fill his new bag. Lots of shrubbery was examined and trees hit. Huffle hit a rock which resulted in a tee shot going close to the hole. Huffle also hit someone else's buggy with another buggy "hope your golf is better than your driving" said the old goon who they hit! Grandad said later "it was a tough examination of all parts of my game but I did enjoy it".

Grandma cleaned all morning and worked out how to make Roman Blinds while I went and gardened at The Royals. Half way through my morning I was called away by the Furnace Man who did some maintenance on it and put a new filter in it - huzzah it was fixed and we now have a lovely warm (well maybe too warm) house. I left Grandma with MrFurnace and went back to continue gardening. Grandma tried to talk to him but he left without saying goodbye. I think he thought she was the cleaner (ha ha!). I planted more bulbs, dug out some unwanted plants and moved some others. The weather went from very cool, to rainy to very warm, all in a matter of a couple of hours.

We had lunch when the golfers returned and Grandad went off looking for 'materials' (I hope he wasn't painting really). Huffle continued working and Grandma and I looked at Blinds tutorials. (Eeeeek it makes my head hurt).

Mid afternoon I drove to school and picked up the boys in order to take Smallest to play in a football game against another school. Huffle and the parents went too in Huffle's car as I was also carrying one of Smallest's team mates. It was cold and the poor players were freezing. For saturdays tournament they have been told to bring extra layers, blankets etc. The game was lost 12-0. At 10-0 a time out was called by the opposition (timeout in a Football game, really?) and the winning team were asked by their coach to give in and not score any more goals. Poor Smallest was really upset when he heard that. We're not sure whether he was upset his team were THAT bad that the other team were instructed not to score or that he was just embarrassed about it all. We noticed the defence line was too close to the goal and I tried to tell the two lady coaches who didn't understand at all. Hopefully the tournament will be better.

No6 the star player
Phone home

As we were all out together and no one was at home to get dinner, we went out to eat. We came home and watched The Apprentice wille Smallest watched The Bake Off on his tablet with his headphones.

There was a lot of talk tonight about the Gorilla who escaped from London Zoo. Grandad read out the story and then Grandma read out it out not realising we already knew and then we took the Mickey by constantly mentioning it until bedtime.


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