Monday, 10 October 2016

Sticky of the Dump


After the huge fire yesterday, Grandad, Huffle and I went down to see how the fire had fared. The huge pile of ash was still really hot so 'Sticky', or Grandad as most people know him, picked up and collected sticks and soon got the fire going again (without any matches!). He also swept the barn and hung up some gloves and we went looking for slabs for the floor of compost corner because the tree roots are getting mixed up with compost we are making.

We taught Grandad how to play P.I.G.

Most of the morning, tafter homework was done, the boys played on the Wii or their tablets so this afternoon, after lunch, we drove to the lake and went for a walk. Although the weather has turned quite cool now, the temperature was around 16* and the wind came from the North which meant it wasn't cold at all though we still had fleeces on.

Smallest took a football and we kicked it along the trail and the beach. It was a lovely walk.

Reflections on the train as it went past

We came home and made Calzone for dinner, ate and then played the card game Fish.

The boys have started to watch the old 1970's Muppet Shows so we sat and watched one with them. Back to school and work tomorrow!


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