Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How many mushrooms?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEE. So many wishes, cards, presents and a completely spoiled me. How fabulous. Want to know how old I am?

Smallest made me a card that was a dot to dot and included a pencil with it. He wrote. I am ...... years old and expected me to fill it in. I did, but not until he had gone to school. He's going to get a shock as he thinks I am about 7 years younger than I really am! I opened some of my cars and a couple of presents before the kids went to school and the rest afterwards. I am a lucky girl.

John Lewis Bag. Sheepy. Bunny. Chocolate. Coffee. Money. Jumper. Jug. Pictures. Bulbs.

After a lovely cup of coffee from my new French Coffee Press (a present from Huffle), Grandma, Grandad, Huffle (he took the day off) and I (Huffle secured the day off for me too) all went for Brunch. Grandad and I had Belgium Waffles with lashings of fruit and maple syrup (really good apart from the two mouldy strawberries I got and sent back, tut tut). Grandma and Huffle had omelettes and Grandma wanted to know how mushrooms would be in her omelette. Silly Grandma. Of course, there weren't enough, she should have ordered double.

We came home and Grandad arranged the barn (COUGH OCD - the gloves are on the bench) while Huffle planted my new birthday plants and I deadheaded and weeded a little bit. ClownRose and LittleMo came by with a beautiful handcrafted basket of Autumnal Leaves, handmade bath salts, a calming candle (WHAT) and a hand tied bouquet of wild flowers.

Lovely things flowering today.

Grandma and I had a cup of tea and then Huffle and I began our downtown adventure...........and I'm afraid I will have to leave it there as I will be gone until very very late as we have a date with Adele.


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