Saturday, 1 October 2016

Smells like teen tomatto


Small came downstairs to balloons, banners and happy birthday stickers on the windows. We sat and watched TV with him before bombarding him with cards and presents. Smallest had wrapped up a crate with thirteen teddies in it (some of Smallest's own and others taken from Small's room) and a card with thirteen pennies (not legal tender here) in it. He was very pleased! He had lots of lovely cards. He had chocolate from Chappos in England. A Baseball Glove from Moo, money from Aunt Pear. He had a Stoke shirt from Grandma and Grandad and a book, chocolate and hooks from Huffle and I. His main present was a remote control which we told him was so he could have his own to change the TV but when it didn't work we sent him into our wardrobe to find some batteries and that's when he found a big present. It was his own TV. He was very surprised. We don't have satellite anymore so we hooked up our Apple TV to it so he can get Netflix for now but we need to look into other boxes for the future.

We had a croissant breakfast (his choice) and then after a couple of games of table football, Small and Huffle put the TV in the loft (where Small is currently sleeping) and set it up. We all sat and watched it for a while and then Small and Smallest played on the Wii. We had birthday cake and sang to Small.

The afternoon was spent doing our own thing, watching golf, playing on the Wii etc. Early evening we went off to have dinner at Frankie Tomatto's (Small's choice). Grandad, Small and I went in my car and there was a diversion due to roadworks. We got on the highway but my phone lost all charge and as we were following my GPS, we then had no idea where we were going. Grandad advised we got off the highway and just as we did, my phone came back to life and guided us the rest of the way.

Frankie Tomatto's is an 'all you can eat' Italian buffet style. Our server today was Bernie who was very attentive but he didn't understand me. When I asked if he had a pen, he brought the bill and when I asked again if he had a pen, he said YES but didn't give it to me. We all ate plenty and while we were eating dessert, along came a man with a tomato balloon, a cake with a candle and several men singing 'it's your birthday, it's your birthday'.

Smallest's choice of chicken and jelly....Small's overflowing spaghetti plate...message on the toilet door!

We came home and played cards before Smallest went to bed and then Grandma, Huffle and I did some Clairvoyancy magic (based on a finalist of Americas Got Talent) with the cards which we performed to Small and Grandad with music.

Thanks for all your wishes, you have made Small feel very special.


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Aunt Pear said...

Looked a brilliant day. He is full of smiles xx