Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Cold house

The temperature today was a whopping 21*. Where has Autumn disappeared? It was gorgeous.

After the boys went to school, I went off to aerobics leaving Grandad playing with his pallets and paint. Huffle was busy working and intermittently trying to move rocks, slabs and stones from the side garden and making a new trench for the water pipe. Grandma cleaned the sun room windows and swept the floor. I worked hard exercising. My blister has still not popped so now I have to cover it with all sorts of homemade concoctions.

Mid morning, I took Grandad to Rona for some brackets for the compost corner, had a quick lunch, picked up my tools and went to Suffolks for an hour and a half of gardening. She sanded the deck rails and I planted some plants and about 60 bulbs. I was home again before the boys got home. They did their chore and played on the Wii together which Grandma and I got an early dinner.

Grandma, Huffle and the boys went to basketball tonight. Grandad and I stayed behind, he watched Paranoid (I'm not at the same place as him) and I sat on the porch crocheting and watching Poldark. We did watch the new The Missing which was very complicated!

Last night Huffle called the furnace man who said he would come out on his way from his afternoon job but he never arrived. This is the same man who never arrived to fit he cooker hood and Huffle said 'never again' but I thought we should give him another go because he is very local. Oh dear!


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