Friday, 14 October 2016

6 green miles and an angry apple

Today was a day that started off cool and ended up a whopping 19*. What crazy weather we are having at the moment. Huffle worked from the kitchen table and the basement and intermittently sorted the washing out for me and had to refuel the mower because Grandad used too much petrol on mowing.

Grandad went the extra 6miles today by making us a small ramp to compost corner using the old concrete septic tank lid and concreting it in, strimming around the swing and underneath (yes underneath) the trampoline, clearing the fire pit and emptying more ash onto the veg beds, mowing the grass (3 times round - crazy). He was very pleased with his progress today.

Meanwhile Grandma and I went curtain lining shopping. We started in Homesense (well because you have to don't you for the obligatory mug and tea towels etc). Grandma was amazed at the Halloween and Christmas displays (sitting side by side each other). We met Suffolk and had a lovely lunch in a Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free Cafe. We had an All Veggie Soup which was spicy and lovely. From there we went to the sewing shop and were helped considerably by Sheila and Suffolk. We bought Lining, Cord, Pins, Rings and Thread. On the way home we popped to buy some pumpkins, wool and chocolate, always a winning combination.

We got home just before the kids and in time for a quick cup of tea before the boys and I headed out again for Apple Giving. A few days ago the Scouts and Cubs were asked to go Apple Giving to give back to the community (but actually they get donations so the community gives back to the Scouts!!) and to chose a time and place they wanted to do it. We said 4pm at the Beer Store (close to home and just in time for them getting back from school, plus time for a snack). We were denied the place because it had already been taken by someone else (though I later found out that that other person was one of the leaders) and when I stood my ground and said I couldn't do where they wanted us to go, the same leader said he would accommodate us and move people around (you mean yourself pilchard!). So..... the boys and I walked to The Beer Store (not before being stopped by said leader to tell us what to do, ie not ask for money, let them chose their own etc etc and that someone would be there to take over from 5pm. Well we worked very hard (I juggled with three damaged apples) and the boys took $60. At 5:15, two leaders passed by, one in a car and one on a bike and neither stoped to check we were okay and wonder why no-one had taken over so we took the money and left. The Beer Store owner was lovely and asked the boys to go in and get a drink (non-alcohol obviously). I came home FUMING that no-one had come to us. To be fair, I wasn't even supposed to be there because I am not a leader nor a volunteer. I am not giving them the money, nor emailing or calling them until they come to me. What a shambles!!!!!!!!

Grandma and Huffle made meatballs for dinner and then Huffle took Grandad off to meet Quiche for a night of drinking but not too much because we have to get up and out early tomorrow for Smallest's football tournament for school.

The silly sausages


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