Sunday, 2 October 2016

Baecekl Squoke Mashew*

Photos sent to me by MrsChappo from when our boys were very small

The house two doors away had a party last night that was really really loud. They had a live band, fireworks and lots of people. It went on until 12 midnight. I heard them singing Happy Birthday which I thought was a bit rude as they didn't invite me or Small. Somehow Small and Smallest slept through it though Smallest told me they played my most hated song (The Proclaimers, I will walk 5,000 miles). At one point they played Shall I Stay or Shall I Go? And Huffle and I were shouting "GO, PLEASE GO!"

This morning Huffle and the boys got up early to watch the Stoke game and then we all watched the Leicester Game later.

*This afternoon we went to The Country Market (why do we go here? I hate it. There are weird people sitting around, staring and they can't spell!!!!!). One man was selling bikes and the sign said "Baecekl" which could be Eastern European for Bicycle or it could be an incorrect use of phonetics. There was another sign for a "mashew" and we are still scratching our heads over that one! The sign for the BBQ was indecipherable, lucky the signs actually matched the item mainly so we knew what they were. Grandad couldn't understand why you needed a sign to tell you it was a bike anyway, wasn't it obvious? The main reason we were here was to get some shoes for CB and we were very successful, plus we wanted a bulb planter and right at the end as we were leaving we came across a stall with three people standing talking. As I approached they all stopped talking and stared at me. I said "ooooh that's a bit strange" at which point you might expect them to stop and be embarrassed but they didn't, they carried on staring. I shouted "HELP" to my family to rescue me but they walked away. Meanwhile Grandad found just what we wanted and paid $3 for it. Bargain!

Dinner was spent at our local pub. It was obvious we eat here often as they asked if we wanted the table we normally had. Then they asked the boys if they wanted Apple Juice. We had a nice relaxing dinner and then went to Johns Garden to look at the 50% plant sale. We bought another Bulb Planter, Prairire Grass, Kniphofia, Amethyst Coral Berry (lovely pink berries in Autumn) and a Geranium.

We came home because Grandad fancied some cake which he ate with an enormous fork! It is our intention to make him eat with our largest utensils for the rest of his stay (in honour of Grandad Ic's serrated spoon tradition).

Grandad, Huffle and I made a list of things we need to buy for Grandad projects. We measured, planned, (Grandad trumped), found a frog, calculated.........

We all watched he final of Americas Got Talent. What a load of rubbish. How can they possibly stretch the program out so long. It was sooooooo boring. It asked for us to rate the program and we said 'terrible'. After we got over the shock of the terrible AGT, we watched some of XFactor. Well what a load of poo! Louis Walsh is an eeejit! What are we going to watch next.


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AA said...

500 miles! If you're going to insult the Proclaimers at least get the title right. ;)

A xx