Sunday, 9 October 2016

Big Foot comes to dinner

Everyone had a well deserved lie-in after a long enjoyable day yesterday. The boys watched TV, we had breakfast and then Grandad started to get 'that fire feeling'. Huffle has been gradually building the fire pit up over time and Grandad decided today was the day it needed to be lit. At the same time we got a Severe Weather Warning for frost overnight so Huffle and I dug out all the dahlias, cannas and crocosmia and transferred them into a huge container in the Sun Room. Such a shame as they were still flowering but we didn't want to take a chance as we could lose the tubers in a frost.

Small made a 'Grandad Mii' and Grandad chose his clothes. These are his fighting moves. He wishes!

In the meantime Grandad had already lit the bonfire and there was a huge billowing of smoke coming from the bottom of the garden. Normally, all smoke goes Northwards but today it was in the other direction (sorry Royals). Well it makes a change. The fire was almost up to the trees (naughty Grandad) but he managed to keep it under control and burnt all the tree cuttings, old pallets and a rotten old trunk we had. Later there were old rotten trees cut down and burned.

We left Grandma making dinner, Grandad burning and the boys cutting up wood and Huffle and I went out to look at and buy some golf clubs found on Kijiji. They cost a mere $20 with a nice bag too, perfect for Grandad to cut divots out of the grass! We also went to a pharmacist and got some advice on my blister which had doubled in size and was desperate to burst. He thought it was possibly a bite or sting and suggested doing nothing until it burst and using antiseptic cream to keep it clean. He also said I should take anti-histamine everyday until it was gone. Wonder what that was then?

We had a lovely Roast dinner and Grandma made a Treacle Pudding. It erupted slightly and the sight of her sitting on the tiny stool in front of the microwave prompted me to send the photo in to The GBBO Extra Slice.

The boys had more play on the Wii while Grandad got clean and smoke free and then we all played cards. We played Newmarket and Smallest kept winning. Grandma won in the end.

This evening we watched X Factor. What a load of rubbish! Later after the boys went to bed, Grandad, Huffle and I watched a documentary about some people who were searching for Big Foot. It was hilarious, but it wasn't supposed to be.


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