Saturday, 8 October 2016

I'll have a crappy burger please.

After a drive down to the station, we all took the train into Toronto. It was a nice relaxing journey and we then went on the subway up to the Theatre DIstrict. This is only the third time we have been on the Toronto Subway and I like the way the route lights up so on the map so you know where you are. As we were early for our performance, we walked to one of favourite cafes and had a slice of pizza before walking back to the theatre again.

Today Huffle had bought us tickets for Matilda. It was in a lovely old theatre (the one Huffle and I saw Billy Elliot in about five years ago before we moved here). The acting was great and although they were putting on an English accent which did seem to change from Australian, Canadian, English, Scottish, Irish. It was an excellent show. Grandad did fall asleep though at one point because the seats were too comfy. In the programme was a glossary of terms including, telly, physed, knackered, headmistress and newt. Don't they have newts over here? The music and lyrics were written by Tim Minchin.

We walked through the city and had dinner. We pretended Small was having a child meal so Grandma could have a smaller burger. On the train, Small is now classed as an adult and we have to pay full price though we can get a family ticket which makes it a better price. We got on the train where we played 'Shouting one out' but without headphones. It was very funny.

At home we all watched XFactor and were disgusted by who was put through! Ridiculous.

What a sky!

Yesterday while I was gardening I managed to get something on me that has caused blisters on my foot and arm. Very strange!


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