Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tummy says Great

The boys went off to school, one in jogging bottoms and one in shorts. The one in shorts has suddenly realised he had only got one pair of joggers that fit him despite me asking before school term started if he had everything he needed. Naughty tall boy! His punishment? To come shopping with me after school to buy him new ones. Smallest thought a good punishment was to make him get changed in the middle of the shop like I used to make him do when he was much smaller.

I left Huffle working, Grandad (sponsored by Behr Ponderosa Green) playing with pallets and compost corner, Grandma cleaning, and went off to work for the morning. Today we were mainly emptying the huge containers, planting bulbs and cutting Spruce for the Winter Containers. Our mid morning snack was Pear and Pumpkin Cake with a Cream Cheese frosting (now I don't like cinnamon and pumpkin spices but this was deeeeelicious). I came home with a couple of plants for indoors and some sweet peppers. I got spiked by a barberry and attacked by a cactus and my weird blister still hasn't popped.

I had lunch and Facetimed Moo. Grandad (sponsored by Behr Ponderosa Green) had started a new tin of paint and was painting a pallet which he was going to put in as a wall for No2 and No3. He had also (with Huffles assistance) cleared bed No3 and put down a big piece of wood to stop the roots coming through. Grandma had cleaned and the sink was back to sparkling white. There was washing on the line too.

After lunch, Grandma and I went food shopping and managed to pick up a pair of joggers for Small who was very pleased he didn't have to go shopping, plus he came home with news that I had to attend a meeting tonight at the school for Fund Raising for the Grade 8's Graduation Trip! His joggers fit him plus Grandma had washed the only other pair that fits so that will keep him going for a few days until we can shop for more! While e were out we bumped into some tree cutters and asked if we could have some wood chips. I left them our address so hopefully we might get some to fill up our veggie paths.

Grandma and I made dinner, the boys practised piano and played on their tablets. Grandad (sponsored by Behr Ponderosa Green) watched the football and cleared up his stuff and Huffle learned the furnace wasn't working after trying lots of troubleshooting! We put in a call to trusty MrBasement to help us find someone who could help us but in the end we called upon our local man in the Hamlet. He will be calling by tomorrow.

After dinner, Huffle and I went to the school for the meeting to discuss fundraising ideas. We are responsible for a couple of things.




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