Saturday, 15 October 2016

Love me, Love my Barry

It felt like midnight when we all rose this morning for Smallest's tournament. The tournament was 30 minutes drive away and started at 8:45. Grandma decided to stay at home and the rest of us went off to watch. He had three games. One won, one drew and one lost. The team came second in their group which meant we did not need to stay for the final. We had an hour in between the first game where we just stood around kicked the ball about and chatted. The gap in between the next games, we decided to go to a Tim Hortons in the middle of a more unsavoury area full of interesting individuals. How a fast food outlet can get an order so wrong is beyond belief but they did. End of......

Sad news.......Barry my blister finally popped last night. All over Huffle's leg ha ha ha! I covered it with antiseptic cream to keep it clean and then during the football, Small scraped it with his shoe and took the fresh layer of skin off OUCH! Now it looks like a snake bite.

We came home and rescued Grandma from boredom (she is having trouble with our foreign electrics, therefore her iPad is not working to full capacity).

Late afternoon we went out for dinner at The Brock House. We were the only ones in there (well it was just before 4pm and I was told the other day that Canadians eat their diner between the hours of 4pm and 7pm. How very precise). Grandad had a Ram Lamb Shank with Red Skin Mash, Asparagus and Crayon.

Grandma had a Beef Mushroom Onion Sadnwich with hand cut fries. The boys had pizza. Huffle had Vietnamese Chicken and I had a Grilled Cheese which was very different as it was Goats Cheese, Mushroom and Peppers. The meal did not go without incident. Smallest found an ant crawling across his wooden platter and quickly squashed it before telling the waitress who took his pizza off the end bill. We weren't complaining just informing her. My sandwich got dropped on the floor and had to be re-made but it was worth the wait for a new one. Some people had dessert of Creme Brûlée and one little monkey had a Pumpkin Cheesecake with candied pumpkin seeds.

On the way home we popped to a shop for supplies for tomorrow and then came home and watched Gardeners World while the kids played on the Wii.

Grandma with the 5% leaf fallage
....or maybe Huffle and Grandad were kicking them at her.


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