Monday, 3 October 2016

Ponderosa Green x 4

Once the boys had gone to school, I took Grandma and Grandad off and we shopped for the rest of the day. First stop was the Mall for an exchange of currencies (Grandad) while Grandma and I shopped for presents for back home. ENJOY YOUR TRIP HOME, the lady in the shop said. But she's only just got here!

Next we went to Home Depot, armed with a huge list of all the things we needed for various projects Grandad and Huffle want to undertake. Wood for new veg beds, screws for fixing, sealant for sealing the guttering where it leaks, wire for securing the raspberries, cement and sand for the barn step and some weed matting for the veggie paths. That took forever because we had all the pieces of wood cut up for us (mainly so we could get them in the car). It's a big place and wandering from one end to the other and back again several times, took a while.

We got nearly everything we wanted but I was hungry so we stopped off at the Great Canadian Bagel Shop where they had 20 different types of bagels and loads of fillings. Grandma was impressed because her tea was put in a mug and it was 'okay'. We came home and dropped Grandad and our purchases off and then Grandma and I went off for a food shop and then a pop into the Beer store for wine and cider.

The boys came home. Small had loads of homework (maths) and Smallest went and made me a card. Grandad and Huffle had moved all the wood and Grandad had cemented the new step and was trying to dry out the guttering in order to seal it. We have to see tomorrow if it works.

We made and ate dinner and then Huffle took the kids off to Scouts and Cubs where they had a terrible time finding out what the future of Scouts and Cubs hold. Hope it gets better.




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