Thursday, 6 October 2016

When I find her, I'm burying her feet in concrete!

Huffle let me sleep in this morning due to not feeling so good during the night and not sleeping especially well. He had to go into the office this morning for a meeting so he got the kids lunch together for me before he headed off.

Grandad spent the morning making up the last vegetable bed and I cancelled work with MrsRoyal because I wasn't feeling 100% and I knew she would know if I wasn't working to my full potential. Instead I started to dig out the Comfrey where the new bed was going. I took my time and it came out easily (hopefully it's not going to spread too far underneath the ground) though I did come across a wasps nest which I ended up leaving because the wasps were getting a bit aggravated by me wielding a spade! Grandad finished the bed and we went off to the shops looking for cement and cardboard boxes to line it before we put soil and Comfrey in. Grandad was introduced to a new shop which he liked and the people were very helpful. At home the bed was put in place (we had an injury), cemented and cardboard added. We stopped for lunch when Huffle got home.

Just as Grandad said "its better carrying it this way, it doesn't hit your legs......."

This afternoon we finished the beds and I went for a walk with ClownRose and then went into school to see the Principal. Yesterday when the kids came home they were both upset. Smallest had been told he was no longer MissMoll's bus buddy and Small was told he had to do it now by his teacher, MissMoll's teacher and the Principal. Smallest was sad because he wants to be her bus buddy (they have such a lovely relationship), Small was annoyed because he HAD to take over and MissMoll was worried that Smallest no longer wanted to be her friend. It was a complete mess and misunderstanding which has all started because one of Smallest's teachers (the one who doesn't like kids) is keeping his class in late, meaning Smallest is getting worried he is not on time to pick up MissMoll and her teacher is taking her sometimes without telling Smallest. What a nightmare. When I told the Principal all this she was devastated (I hope it wasn't put on) that the school had caused all this upset. She brought the boys down together (after I had gone) and apologised to them. She is goin to speak to the teacher who doesn't let them out and the bus company. I am hoping it is all sorted now. I was nervous when the kids came home that they would be upset with me for going in to school but they said I had done the right thing and they were feeling much happier about the whole situation. What I didn't realise is that MissMoll was not brought home on Tuesday when Smallest was playing after school football because the driver forgot her. OMG, ClownRose was furious, so they are dealing with that too!!

On my way home I stumbled across the filming of a Commercial for Mitsubishi and I had to be escorted past a cheeky man who tried to copy my accent but sounded like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Grandad and Huffle showed me all the work that had been done in my absence and I signed off all the good work.

Beds finished. Box mended. Gloves sorted. Compost checked and re-engineered. Barn fixed. Washing line secured. New line prop made. TICK
What a lovely vegetable garden
Cheeky Frankie Fat Face was trying to get into his grass hole with his Chops full of something

The boys came home and started to make me a Chocolate Brownie Cake for my birthday. They did it all by themselves, including eating the mixture and weighing out 100g more chocolate chips than was in the recipe. They played on their tablets while waiting for it to bake and Grandad and I sat on the porch in the late afternoon/early evening sunshine and watched the Beer Store crowd get their stuff before Thanksgiving (which is this weekend).

The little chef's in action

We rewarded our hard work with a trip to Mad Millie's for a fish and chip supper which was lovely. At home Small iced a Happy Birthday on my brownie cake and Huffle lit candles and everyone sang to me. Candles blown out, thank goodness there wasn't too many and then we ate it while watching The Apprentice.

After we sent the boys and Grandma to bed, we watched Celebrity Juice. Very silly!


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