Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pauline where are youuuuuuuuu?

The morning was rainy, stormy and properly dull. Waffles for breakfast included Grandad and Smallest cutting fruit and they were very pleased with their colourful display. Grandad was Smallest's trainee and we sacked him because we had a stalk on a strawberry, he forgot the banana, too much lemon and not enough kiwi, cold maple syrup, hair on a plate, he dropped the sugar bowl and we made him the cleaner instead. When he didn't wipe the table correctly, we sacked him again. We worked out the only job available to him was lining things up. We'll see how he does. Smallest and Huffle set and organised the table and cleared up my mess and I made the waffles.

The boys made a list for a 'LIST DAY' indoors. First up was UPSET which we had to teach Grandma and Grandad as they hadn't played it before. It took a long time and Huffle won. There was lots of cheekiness involved in the game. We played MANCHESTER next but renamed it BILLESDONTOWN. This was won by Smallest. We then had a huge break where the kids played on the Wii, Grandad worked in Compst Corner (despite the rain) moving stuff from Bed1 to Bed2 and trying to find his little friend 'pauline'. He emptied it and never found her (little plastic doll we found when we made compost corner). Grandma, Huffle and I made a Roast Dinner.

So pleased and yet so sad

After a huge dinner, Grandad went back to find Pauline (he still didn't - I think she was taken away by a bird) and we cleared up, cooled down (it suddenly went very humid and sticky) and then all played Crazy Eight (cards) and Smallest won.

Grandma had made crumble and we ate it in front of the X Factor. More rubbish!!!!


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