Friday, 1 March 2013

He's an Apple not a Cherry!

A lovely night's sleep. Just a fine sprinkling of snow overnight. Huffle went off to the doctors and dentist before work. The doctor told him there were no concerns or worries over his results and that if he had it again or wanted to talk about it, he should make an appointment. He is happy with this and doesn't want to pursue it at the moment.

The boys went off to school and I got ready to go to my knitting group. However, as I was straightening my hair, the phone rang. It was the school. I had sent Smallest to school and it wasn't his day. He hasn't been on a Friday since the beginning of February. I have a calendar with apples and cherries on it. Smallest is an Apple. At the beginning of the year, I copy onto my calendar all the days the boys are on holiday and all the days that my little apple is at school. For some reason, I forgot he was an apple and thought he was a cherry. Smallest's teacher said she was happy to keep him for a while. So I got ready really slowly and went to school on the way to knitting. One day I will be organised (probably by September when he goes full time everyday). When I got there he was having a music lesson and his teacher said he could stay if he and I wanted. I asked him, he wanted to stay so I left him there. I drove to knitting, sewed in the ends to my sock and started on my second one.

The knitting group today (apart from one who sat next to me, you can't see her).

I got home about 1:30 after picking up another tin of paint. At home there was a message from Smallest's teacher asking me to pick him up. She said the office said it wasn't fair and the other mums wouldn't like it. (I can't believe the kids wouldn't tell them!!), so I picked him up at last recess (about an hour before school finishes). His teacher told me that Smallest was a lovely boy. He had humour, he was fabulous at reading and very good at writing. She thought his personality was amazing and he was a very likeable boy. She said if his report didn't show he was outstanding, it was because they have to follow certain rules but by her reckoning, he was 'Beyond Expectations'. I was very pleased to hear that.

We came home. Smallest played on he computer and the men wanted to know why he wasn't helping them! I skyped LizzieDotDot and was about to show her my finished sock when I realised I didn't have it. I rang the knitting shop and ElKnit told me she had my sock. Well thank goodness for that. Five months to knit one sock and I go and leave it somewhere. Back to LizzieDotDot, poor Bomberdill and Bernard were poorly - GET WELL SOON.

The loft - the floor is done. The skirting Boards (baseboards) done, even a bit of sweeping and lots of clearing. it looks amazing.


The men went, (back Monday), we went off to swimming.

Smallest trying to walk to swimming

The boys did really well. Lots of swimming and smiling and waving. How Smallest can wave whilst doing backstroke I have no idea. We left and came home and guess what? The weather was clear. The sun was out, there was no snow, it was light, it was a pleasure to drive home. Oh please let this be the start of the Spring. It is March.

Huffle was home and dinner was ready. We all ate, Huffle and I checked out the loft, the boys watched TV, we played Table Tennis until the boys went to bed.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YAHOO - hope you are thoroughly spoilt - speak soon xxxxxxx




Aunt Pear said...

Glad to hear Huffle's results are good. Have a good weekend.

AA said...

Wow, the loft looks amazing! All thanks to that excellent young apprentice you had working up there I think.

Also belated happy birthday Huffle!


famfa said...

Yes we are pleased

famfa said...

Thanks, it does and yes smallest helped immensely