Thursday, 24 April 2014

Celebrations are out of date!*

Huffle went off to work very reluctantly. He is not a happy bunny at work at the moment. The boys went off to school happily. I went off to help in my 'Far Away Garden'. The sun was shining and was really warm but still quite chilly in the shade. I stayed for two and a half hours and wheeled barrow after barrow full of plants of rocks to the new garden up the hill. The Lady worked with me mostly and we moved a lot of plants. We both gave in when we ran out of steam completely.

I then drove 50 minutes away to "Suffolk's" house where a lovely Carrot and Corriander Soup was awaiting me with strawberries and an orange club for afters. She wanted to move her plants and have grass instead. I helped her clear a substantial part of her garden (and got to take the plants away with me) and now she is going to seed it.

I came home with five minutes to spare, made myself a cup of tea, emptied my car of plants and soil and sat on the porch waiting for her boys. Small said "Oh I thought you'd have done some gardening Mummy!" WHAT I HAVE BEEN GARDENING ALL DAY - CAN'T YOU HEAR MY BACK SCREAMING?

The boys had an ice cream, Small did his homework and Smallest had a bath (and so did Smelly). Small had his shower and then they played on the IPad and computer. When Huffle came home we dug some more grass up and planted the new plants (well he did most of it as I was kn@ck3r3d). We had dinner and the boys cleared the table and the dishwasher before going back on their gadgets. I had a nice long soak in a hot bath and Huffle carried on planting.

BEDTIME for Smallest and he sat on a stool in the bathroom reading to Huffle who soaked in his bath. Small and I read more Harry Potter.


*so we ate some


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