Monday, 28 April 2014

Oops where's my trousers?

Last night Smallest got out of bed, took his clothes off and wandered downstairs naked in the dark. Huffle heard him and got up and shouted down (at that point not knowing who it was) that we were upstairs in our bedroom. Smallest walked upstairs and into Huffle's arms and burst into tears. We asked what was wrong and where his clothes were but he just cried. When we got him back into his own bed, I asked him again what was wrong and he said "I told you". I asked where his pyjamas were and he said "I'm trying to put my trousers on" but he was holding a top. After talking to him this morning we think he had slept walk as he remembers nothing until he woke up in Huffle's arms. Small has slept walk a few times and I used to do it as a child all the time. We hope this is a just a one off. We asked him today if anything was troubling him and he said no.

One of our beautiful Amaryllis flowering for the second time

The boys all went off and I headed off to do some work in my Far Away garden. Today the owner was there so we had a good chat while moving plants. It was a beautiful day today. The Mum and I worked hard for a couple of hours and then had a walk around the garden discussing what else we could do. They have asked if I will come over the Summer too so it looks like this is a longer venture than I originally thought. They also said I could bring the kids when they are off school and they can run around the garden and play on the trampoline.

I needed some groceries so I stopped off at a supermarket. I must have looked a sight as I was in my gardening gear and shoes and my hands were really dirty, still I needed food and it was on my way home.

Once home I had lunch, watched a bit of Crimson Fields and skyped Moo. We had a chat but I lost my internet connection. I sorted washing, cleared away from breakfast and put the shopping away, had a shower and then sat on the porch and knitted till the boys came home. They sat and had an ice cream and we listened to the radio and Smallest read his library book to me.

Small did some homework, Smallest did a few chores before playing on the IPad and I made dinner.

Smallest caught this cheeky chipmunk in our Sun Room. He hid under the sofa for ages and kept peeking out to see if we had gone!

We all ate when Huffle came home and then Huffle and I played table tennis, moved the table football and did a bit of painting and polyfilla'ing.

The boys went to Cubs and Beavers and had a talk from a local Police Officer.


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Mrs Rumbleskins said...

I sleep walked as a child. Mum once found me in the dark sitting on a sack of potatoes in the pantry about to go to the toilet.