Wednesday, 30 April 2014

It's better than it looks!

It rained through the night and our little contraption worked, however, the Sun Room leaked in several places. As Huffle gets up before anyone, he had the job of placing towels (the best ones of course) in strategic places and when I came down, I placed pots and collectors too just in case. It actually didn't rain too much so it wasn't a huge problem.

Huffle went off reluctantly to work and the boys went off to school again in wellies and waterproofs, though today they did get to play outside. I rang the school and left a message for Smallest's teacher to speak to her about him doing all these tests. She rang me back later and was very surprised as they haven't been doing any tests. She said she would speak to him privately and then rang me back to say that she had explained things to him, that they were doing 'research' not tests and that she originally told him he was to try and work independently but then explained that that didn't mean he couldn't ask for help. She thinks he is feeling better about things and when he got home ok asked him if he felt better. He said he did.

I went off to my exercise class today. We worked on squats, shoulders, sit ups and th usual plank and push ups, after the normal 30 minute aerobic workout. Then I rushed home, checked on the water situation and went off and had a cup of tea with Al who I met at knitting. We had a lovely chat, a cup of a tea and a muffin. We talked about everything from gardening, knitting to kids and families. She is lovely and she invited me round because she remembered me saying that I missed popping to my friends houses for a cup of tea.

I came home, had lunch and watched the Internet men climb a telegraph pole. I was having problems with internet today so hopefully they fixed it.

The boys came home and I made chocolate chip muffins because yesterday's disappeared - naughty mice!!!!! I made dinner while the boys played table football. Huffle came home and we all ate and then we played U-Build Monopoly (which was much better than we remembered). This is a game Small bought for himself a couple of years ago but we never enjoyed playing it. We don't actually know who won because we forgot that the winner had the most money. We know that Small was bankrupt though! (Huffle edit - I won)

The boys played on the IPads after Huffle set them up with Club Penguin. When we set up his Club Penguin account in 2011, we used our Bell email. We forgot the penguins password so tried to reset it but used our new email. Obviously this account didn't exist so I sent an email to the penguin accounts who said it was because the email was set up in the bell account. So we sent a password change with the bell account but forgot the password for that account too. We used a security password but they said we got the answer wrong. In the end we made him a new penguin. How confusing!!!! Huffle and I played table tennis. 2-1 to him.

The rain continues and now it is really foggy. BOOOOOOOO.

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